Here’s another answer to one of the questions that you all submitted in answer to “The question I have about creating a great workshop is…”

“I wonder how to create an online workshop that’s suitable for many.”

Great question.

And in some ways, it’s actually the wrong question.

Because you need to create a workshop that appeals very strongly to a select, specific group of people.

That’s the only way it will sell.
Consider these:

  • “Writing Workshop: Become a Better Writer So You Can Get Ahead In Business”
  • “Writing Workshop: How to Write Your Second Novel (When The First One Didn’t Sell That Well)”
  • “Writing Workshop: For Teenage Girls Who Want to Write a Killer College Application Essay”

See? Three very different workshops for three very different markets.

If I just said, “Writing Workshop,” no one would sign up, because I haven’t been clear enough about the transformation I promise.

If it feels good, please check out and join us for this amazing journey.

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