Here’s reason #3 why Procrastination Is Genius In Disguise:

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Well, Of Course You’re Scared!

Maybe you haven’t moved forward on your projects because you are a little bit scared. Or a lot scared.

And that’s OK.

My goodness – of course you’re scared.  Hundreds and hundreds of you were so great and forthcoming about the projects you’ve been procrastinating – and so many of you were so funny!  I love that!

Here’s a sample:

* finishing your book
* personal financials
* getting certification or a degree
* cleaning out your house/clutter clearing
* working on your art
* your jewelry design
* your blogging
* your music
* taxes
* writing a script
* living highest purpose
* getting a new job/career change
* your sculpture
* your body – exercise & health issues
* staying in touch with friends
* growing your business
* true happiness
* book proposal

This is some big, life-changing stuff, and it’s no surprise that it sets off the panic button and makes us want run and hide like a little kid.

Here’s one strategy for diffusing the fear that I use in the Get It Done Teleclass which starts next week.  (More info about Get It Done here: Check it out here:

Teaching Our Shadows Grace

I borrowed the phrase “Teaching Our Shadows Grace” (from Zoe Moon Astrology) because I think it is a very beautiful way to express our capacity to just be with our fears without panicking.

I love to imagine just laying in bed next to my frightening thoughts – not holding hands, just laying on our backs, side by side, willing to be in each other’s presence without running away.

Let me explain a little bit:

There is a common phrase in the self-help world that says, “What you can’t be with, runs you.”  Also sometimes expressed as, “What you resist, persists.”

In other words, if you are afraid of being rude – if you can’t even handle the idea that you might be rude sometimes – then the fear of rudeness will be making all of your decisions for you.

Put in slightly more concrete terms, if you are terrified of spiders, then your whole life will be spent avoiding places that you think might contain spiders.  But if you have the ability to just BE WITH spiders (even if you don’t like them) then you can go anywhere.

Write down one sentence that someone could say about your work that would really hurt your feelings:


Let’s say you wrote down something like, “People might think my work is boring.”

Now say that sentence aloud, peacefully and calmly, altering it slightly each time.  Let each sentence circulate through your body – imagine it running through your veins.  Breathe.

“People might think my work is boring.”

Breathe.  Just let that idea be.

“My work is boring.”

Breathe.  You don’t have to agree with this idea, you just have to let it be.

“My work is boring sometimes.”

Breathe.  Is it true?  Of course it is.  Everyone’s work is boring sometimes.  Can you just be with that idea without fighting it?  Can you think of an example of when it has been true?

“Some people think my work is boring.”

Breathe.  Is it true?  Yes.  Is that OK?  Of course.  No one can be interesting to everyone all the time – that would be ridiculous.

“Sometimes I think my work is boring.”

Breathe.  Is that true?  I bet it is.

“Sometimes I think other people’s work is boring.”

Breathe.  Feel where this is true for you.

“My work is boring sometimes.”


“My work is not boring sometimes.”

Breathe.  Also true, right?

Keep going until you have examined the thought from all angles and the fear is completely diffused.

Keep asking yourself:

* Can you see/feel that it is the truth that sometimes you are that way?
* Can you find a specific example of when it has been true?
* Can you peacefully accept that?

Repeat this process with each fear that occurs to you, attempting only to feel some grace around each one.

Having the ability to gracefully sit with a self-concept that frightens you allows you to develop the ability to (psychically, creatively, spiritually, interpersonally…) go anywhere.

It’s OK to be afraid.  But fear does not get to make our decisions for us.

If you like, go ahead and say this out loud: It’s OK to be afraid, but my fear does not get to make my decisions for me.

P.S. This exercise is derived from The Work of the amazing and brilliant Byron Katie ( – ssb.


And if you’d like help moving forward on your projects, consider the Get It Done Teleclass that starts next week.  I’d love to have you there.