The Get It Done Workshop is like a delicious meal. It’s our nearly-legendary 8-week online course designed to get the creative person moving forward on their projects. We start next week.

Some examples of projects people have used The Get It Done Workshop to accomplish include:

– launched an online course
– finished book proposal
– started daily blogging
– cleared out clutter
– settled parent’s estate
– began painting again
– released a CD

But that’s the dinner.

And you want to know about the free dessert!

So here are the delectable bonuses that accompany The Get It Done Workshop —

  1. Instant access to the Procrastination Domination Starter Kit ($79 value) so you can get unstuck immediately.
    “Inspiring, Doable, Engaging, Entertaining…It was very thorough!” – Anne
  2. A full year in The 365 Club ($120 value) which includes monthly open coaching calls with Sam plus daily inspirational emails plus about a grillion hours of exclusive recordings that you may listen/download anytime plus a very wonderful and supportive community on the private Facebook page.
    “Sam beautifully supports the creative spirit. There are times she speaks a truth that you are not even aware exists inside you.” – Robin
  3. Two of my exclusive ebooks, “An Artist Talks to God,” and “Less Crazy, More Money: 52 Secrets to Running a Serene, Profitable Business.” ($40 value)
    “Samantha’s program proved to me that we are all capable of greatness. I’m well on my way to creating a business plan for my feature film. I found my graphic artist and a website designer, and I have my first round investor list completed.” – Traci
  4. Free ticket to The Big Yes: How To Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-Doubt and Make $10,000 (or More!) from Your Creativity event in Los Angeles in July — plus you can bring a friend for free! ($799 value) (you can discover more here:
    “I had an amazing time at The Big Yes! I loved Samantha’s stage presence: grounded, calm, real, funny, beautiful, brilliant, spacious, enlightening….I loved the structure: just the right amount of lecture, sharing, etc. to keep us alive and energized…I loved the food…I loved the venue–great hotel….I love how focused and energized, yet calm I feel now that I’m back home.” – Nancy

And there will be even more delicious treats — all for just $365 or three payments of $141 — and as usual, your satisfaction guaranteed or your tuition cheerfully refunded.

Go here to find out more and save your seat:

Here’s our curriculum (you know, the dinner : ) —

Session 1: Clarifying Your Goals
Session 2: Creating Your (Fun!) Personalized Project Plan
Session 3: BONUS Q&A Session
Session 4: Breaking Through Your Internal Barriers to Success
Session 5: Self-Promotion For Us Sensitive, Creative Types
Session 6: Teaching Our Shadows Grace
Session 7: The Beginning Of Wisdom
Session 8: BONUS Q&A Session

So if you’ve got something you’ve been procrastinating on, this is your super-wonderful-springtime-it-only-comes-once-a-year chance to Get It Done!

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