I’ve never gotten so much email about a webinar before…

The 6-Session Get It Done Live Workshop starts tomorrow and it’s not too late for you to join in…

So if you catch yourself wondering…

– How do I find the time between work and home and the projects that I need to get done?

– How do I decide what to do first?

– How do I learn to say “no” to friends who interrupt/don’t understand my work time without feeling guilty?

– I get day to day things accomplished, no prob. But projects, like a book, that I say are important to me go weeks without me touching them. I think about them. But don’t work on them. That creates a whole set of self-loathing thoughts etc and more procrastination!

– I have unfinished paintings from new acrylic painting class. I bring them home with good intentions, but can’t make myself pick up a brush to finish. Even though I’ve been told I’m good at painting, I feel inadequate…Lack courage.

– How to I get rid of my negative emotional attachment to doing work I dislike?

– I start cleaning up and throwing away things but then it seems it looks worse than before I started. How do I continue to work organizing and throwing away things instead of getting overwhelmed and giving up until the next time I get up the courage to start again?

– How do I deal with underlying fear of failure

– When or how can I know when to let a project be unfinished/leave it and be okay with it never being finished or perhaps at a much later time?

– I’d like to know the key to staying focused & how to stop procrastinating…

And maybe you’d rather be saying things like…

“Samantha, Thanks for your wonderful teleclass! I am sending you an email so that we can work together so that I can figure out a way to thank you with $365 for sharing your gifts”. – Susan, CA

“YOU are an amazing GIFT and I am grateful for this call today! Thanks for helping me to clear my cobwebs and embracing the beautifulness that we ALL are! YOU Rock!” – Cathy, OC

“Thanks Sam. I needed that. You are a depth beyond real and gloriously sunlit.” – Kay, PDR

“Samantha, Your program has been fabulous…gives me chills and tears just listening to you…I am inspired! Thank you for sharing…will be signing up.” – Irene, GH

“I LOVE your sense of humor and your energy!” – Anon.

And if you want more evidence, just wait until you hear how I answer these questions on the latest, last live event from today (find the replay here: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=23929068)

How can I get totally clear about what is most important to me to create … which kind of Artist I am …? E., Italy

I have creative ADD (that’s what I call it) which leads to beginning many projects, getting overwhelmed – and then never finishing. ~ It sounds like your workshop addresses this. – T., VA

So, better to prioritize or spend 15 minutes daily on more than one unfinished project? – S., CA

Sam, from what you shared it occurs to me that there is an artistry to business making and that business is rarely presented in an artistic light. But isn’t it all part of creating? – K., CA

My biggest obstacles to getting it done are that my office is always a hopeless mess, social media suck my time away, and I have giant piles of stuff to do that overwhelm me. Help! – A., Canada

Can only listen for first 15 minutes or so but want to hear this! How can I get this later? – B, CA (of course – here you go!)

How would you differentiate your approach with the kind of organization & daily duties needed to be highly successful in a home business? Thanks – T., TN

Thank you for being real!! Thanks for feeling the excitement being with you and addressing the “amazing unfinished projects”. Love hearing you — D., NJ

Then you are ready to join The Get It Done Workshop!

If your intuition is encouraging you to give The Get It Done Workshop (starts Thursday, Nov. 3) a try, then I double-dog dare you to GO FOR IT!

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Samantha Bennett
Creator, The Organized Artist Company

By The Way, You Look Really Great Today

P.S. “Just chiming in here: Sam’s [Get It Done] webinar/workshop is the best workshop I have ever taken. In fact, I’m taking it again because I have a different project and the container she manages to create is pretty miraculous. She is really unique, in both her delivery and her wisdom. And no-I’m not a “plant.” LOL. Just wanted to say how incredibly worth it those six weeks are.” – Patti

Find out more & register for Get It Done Workshop here: www.GetItDoneTeleclass.com/fall – you know I’d love to have you in this group! – SSB.

P.P.S. And even if you’re reading this after the fact, it’s STILL not too late – I usually have a bunch of people jump in between Session #1 and Session #2 – you can get caught up in no time! – SSB