The Solitude Cure

There is no real cure for loneliness. 

Except to transform it into solitude.

Solitude is remembering that there has never, ever been a single (solitary) person like you. 

You arrived alone

You’ll die alone.

And in between those two things, you will be having a discreet, one-of-a-kind experience of the world.

Everyone has that “among them but not of them” feeling, at least sometimes.  And creative people feel it more often, I think, than most.

Everyone yearns for connection, comfort, fusion, total immersion.  We read books where people fall in love and “become as one” and we think we should have that feeling ourselves.

But that only happens in fiction.


The cure is to embrace the separation.  Enjoy the space.  Hold yourself slightly apart.  After all, you already feel apart, so go ahead and exaggerate that feeling a little bit.  Observe the world around you.  Retreat into your own skin and observe you having your very own point of view on the world.

That isolated, personal point of view is where your art comes from.  So go ahead and create something inspired by this particular vantage point.  It doesn’t have to be any good, and you don’t ever have to show it to anyone.  Just go ahead and let something flow.

And now you have the real cure for solitude: art.