Results! from the Evergreen Retreat

In January, 2017, a small group of brave entrepreneurs came together for an unusual experiment:

GOAL: to create an evergreen traffic/sales system in just 3 days

Our results were outstanding.

Please enjoy these unedited testimonial videos.

Mellissa Seaman

Beatrice Briggs

Jaime Lyerly

Melissa McFarlane

Scott Desgrosseilliers

Leonore Tjia


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I certainly hope I can play this over again because I’m getting so many gems I can’t quite take it all in right now. – Sabrina

This has been incredibly valuable. Thank you for this gift. – Gail

Thanks, Sam! This is very helpful for designing my new adventure over the next couple of months. Perfect timing! – Shelley

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A 2-Minute Treat for You — watch this and play along —

As a special treat, we’ve made you this super-fun 2 minute movie that’s all about how to slay the dragon of your procrastination : )

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Unusual Marketing

Unusual Marketing

Watch the webinar or download the audio below —


Rave reviews — play it now and find out:

1) The reason you think you’re not good at marketing
2) The reason you’re actually BRILLIANT at it
3) The one perspective shift that’s going to change how you think about marketing forever…if you let it.

“Sam, I loved your story about peonies….I love flowers…it’s the first time I felt my resistance to marketing melt”
– Irene, Ontario, Canada

“OMG! New words to use instead of marketing may have just changed my life and we’re not even 10 minutes into the call!”
– Elizabeth, Ohio

“I have always loved your authenticity. It’s why I come back.”
– Robin, Berkeley, CA

“Thank you Sam! Very helpful answer to my questions. Great class as always!”
– Shadi, Toronto

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