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Sometimes people ask me, well, how do I figure out what my zone of creative genius is? And I get it. It can be hard to notice your own zone of creative genius because it comes so naturally to you. So here’s two ways to think about it. Uh, the first way is this. If we were back in cave dwelling times. What do you think your role in the tribe might be?

Would you be the one who takes care of the children or the healer or the engineer who builds things? The Explorer who always wants to go and see what’s over the Hill? Let your mind sort of noodle around on that question for a little bit and see what bubbles up for you. And here’s another way to think of it.

If someone were to wake you up at three in the morning and say, Hey, Hey, we’re going to go do X, Y, Z, want to come? You would be like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Let me get my shoes. Your zone of creative genius is the area where you have a natural interest and that you’re naturally good at it and you have a natural ability to problem solve in it.

Don’t worry if you can’t think of it right away. Now that we’ve talked about it, it’ll probably come to you sooner or later. Remember, your creativity matters every single day.