You are no longer a child. You are not trying to get out of math quiz. You don’t fake it. If your body is telling you that you are tired, listen.

And even if you have the impulse that you MIGHT be faking it – that’s important information, too.

About once a month I teach a 4-day intensive at Sam Christensen Studios ( and I finally had to make it a policy that I keep the day after we end free of appointments and obligations. While it panics me slightly to do so (how can I take a day off! I’ve been in a workshop for four days! I’m so far behind in my work! Eeeep!) I have learned that if I do NOT take the day off, I will pay for it all week.

In other words: one day of rest equals a whole week of productivity. And “pushing through” leads to several days of exhaustion and poor quality of life.

Where can you rest? What deadlines could you move? What projects could you set aside for now?

Want to get truly radical? Rest BEFORE you get tired.

Also known as: fill up the gas tank before it hits “E.”

Now excuse me, please – I’m going to go take a nap.

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