Loneliness is a very serious illness that often goes unrecognized and undiagnosed. The consequences of a lonely heart include chronic sorrow, creative stultification and a lot of internal yelling at yourself.

Sometimes we feel lonely even though we’re in a group.

Sometimes we feel lonely right in the middle of feeling very happy.

Sometimes we get so used to feeling lonely that we wear it all the time like a heavy, dark cloak.

If your heart needs a friend, it’s time to do things differently.

Try these strategies – maybe even try one per day?

(Don’t roll your eyes – this is a serious situation and it’s time to try even the dumb things, OK?)

  • Go to a local coffee shop and give someone there an honest compliment
  • Take a class in something you know nothing about
  • Call up an old pal (even if it’s been years and years) and find out how they are
  • Practice seeing the eternal, undimmed beauty that abides in each and every person
  • Make sure you get touched every single day, even if that means daily self-massage
  • Go hang out in the dog park (whether you have a dog or not)
  • Break your habits: take a different route to work, eat a different lunch, create a new outfit

What have you tried? What’s worked for you when you’ve been lonely?

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