Sam’s Pro Club:

Because there’s nothing more rewarding than building a business around your great work.

Let Sam show you the way.

Building a business is different when you’re a creative.
Sam’s Pro Club can provide you with business building how-to, accountability, coaching and community so you can make your dreams happen.  

Pro Might Be For You If:

You currently have a creatively-inspired business, and you are ready for a mentor and a community that can help you grow.

You want to start a business, and you want to build it in a way that really works for you, with guidance from someone who really gets how a creative person like you thinks.

You are a coach, author or teacher with an important message to share, and you are seeking a coach and a community that shares your commitment to making a difference.

You’re work isn’t easy to categorize and finding someone who can provide solid, actionable guidance for what can really work in your unique situation, without trying to change you, has been a struggle. Welcome home.

You’ve been paying attention to Sam’s work, what she’s teaching and how she’s showing up in the world, and you just know: she’s the right mentor for you.

Members of Sam’s Pro Club Receive:

A monthly “Business Building in Real Life with Sam” via Zoom, in which Sam focus’s on a specific topic of business building and creative entrepreneurship, plus gives you exclusive “behind the scenes” tales, then opens up the line for question and answer.

A monthly “Sam Unscripted” via Zoom, in which Sam engages in the kind of deep, honest, raw and real conversations about business building and life that you just won’t get anyplace else.

A monthly “Accountability” session via Zoom in which you and your colleagues check in, get support and report your successes!

Access to the exclusive Pro Member area where you’ll get access to the latest session’s recording, session notes, downloadable audio, and other content that supports the individual session.

The Pro Member area also houses all archived sessions, categorized by topic, so you can login in and find what you need, when you need it.

A quarterly, 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring call with Sam. (A $1500 value that Sam rarely makes available to anyone at any price.)

Private Forum and Private Facebook Group where you get to connect, exchange and support other creative business owners, plus there’s an on site forum, for those who prefer not to be on Facebook.

The complete,  Creative Genius CEO Program, Sam’s foundational business-building system. It’s like an MBA in a box. We’ll open a module each month for 10 months. Value: $2997

VIP status and special discounts to Sam’s live events, retreats and specialty programs.

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