Finally! A Planner that Works for Your Real Life.

Let’s face it, those office-supply-store, one-size-fits-all planners are insanely boring and just can’t work for a multifaceted creative like you.

Because you…

  • have a lot of interests, ideas, and projects
  • sometimes have trouble getting started, staying focused, and getting things all the way to done
  • know that your energy levels and priorities can change from week to week, even day to day

Welcome to The Real Life Planner

  • Puts ALL your projects in one place
  • Allows easy weekly tracking of your progress
  • Supports your decision-making and action-taking based on time, money, inclination and your own inner wisdom… even on those days when you feel like your hair’s on fire
Try it FREE with this 7-day downloadable and printable sampling of the real thing!

The Real Life Planner is the simple prioritizing tool that I used to go from being broke and crying on a hand-me-down couch in North Hollywood to publishing two bestselling books and cheerfully running my own multi-six figure business from my home by the beach. I’ve shared this tool with thousands of clients over the years – most of them Highly Creative People – and they’ve loved how easy, creative and flexible it is.

~ Sam Bennett, Bestselling Author & Creativity/Productivity Expert

If you’re tired of:

– feeling overwhelmed

– drowning in to-do lists 

– feeling like you’re running as fast as you can yet still not getting anywhere

then get ready to celebrate, because the way to clarity and meaningful productivity has arrived.

The Real Life Planner includes:

  • Daily Prioritizer so you always know what you should be working on, and when
  • Daily Scheduler so you can keep track of your time (a full sheet for you to customize!)
  • Weekly Tracking so you can really feel your own progress and celebrate
  • Weekly 5-Minute Art so your complicated feelings never keep you stuck again

The Real Life Planner is especially designed for you to doodle, design and customize according to your own Real Life.

Because this IS Your Real Life. 

Try this FREE 7-day downloadable and printable sampling of the real thing!

I LOVE the Real Life Planner. Everything is in ONE place. I love the space and the look of it. [It’s] inviting in a no nonsense way.

Jeffifer Shoemaker