I didn’t have a ton of friends as a kid.

Despite my gregarious demeanor, I am both shy and introverted.

My mother says that when the family gathered to sing “Happy Birthday” to me for my 4th birthday, I slid under the table in mortification.

In a related story, sister once referred to me as, “aggressively non-competitive.” Which is both true and hilarious.

And while I am always happy to take center stage while teaching, speaking or performing – that is, while in service to others – I do not like being the center of attention just as me, myself.

So you can imagine the inner work I had to do in order to get enough clarity and mojo together to launch our new site: https://therealsambennett.com/.

I struggled with:

Does it really have to be my name? 
Yes. Most of my traffic comes from people searching for my name and my books.

Does it really have to be my face, right there, front & center?
Yes – people need to see your face – your eyes especially – to get to know you and trust you.

What about The Organized Artist Company? 
That still exists as part of my overall brand. I’m not abandoning anything – I’m just expanding.

Did I really have to invest this much money and time in a new site?
Well, considering I’ve never really spent any money or time on my website in the past ten years, it’s a bit overdue. And let’s face it – a dated, confusing website isn’t exactly helping to create a worldwide movement of people spending 15 minutes a day on their creativity, now is it?

So in order to help more people, I need to show up in a bigger way?

And this slightly nauseated feeling I have is completely natural, right?
Totally. If you weren’t scared, you wouldn’t be growing.

So today I invite you into these questions:

  1. Where can you make yourself more visible?
  2. How would becoming more visible help your people, your work, the world?
  3. Are you willing to endure some discomfort and spend some money and time in order to help more people?

Go deep.

Let me know what you come up with.

Because: The World Needs Your Work.


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