Tech Friday

Office hours for your tech questions with Veronica!

  • Get guidance from our gal who describes the internet as her home town
  • Recommendations for all the tools and toys you need to get your creative project over the finish line
  • Get guidance and instruction in plain language from a fellow Highly Creative Person. Veroncia speaks Human, and will help you understand the high-concept stuff as well and the nuts-and-bolts of your tech.

Let our Resident Tech Genius guide you through the steps to get your project done.

Do You Have Tech Questions That are Leaving you Stumped?

  • What’s the best option out of ALL OF THESE OPTIONS? and how do you know which one is which? There’s a good chance Veronica has done some research on the tools you want to use, and if not she’s ready at the keyboard to vet the sometimes overwhelming number of choices for you.
  • How do I make all of my tools talk to each other? Veronica will show you how to find and connect integrations for the tools you’re already using, or she can show you how to make an integration yourself (it’s not as hard as it sounds!)
  • Do I need to start all over because I picked something you don’t recommend?┬áNope! There’s generally a way to make the tools you’re already using work together. And if it’s extra clunky and unwieldy, wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide who can show you what to keep and what to replace?
  • All this tech stuff makes me feel stupid. You are not stupid. Like any skill, it’s hard when you’re new. Veronica’s kind, patient, and right-brained approach to using the tools of the internet will make you feel more at home.
  • What if I need a really specific tutorial? You’ll be able to send in questions ahead of time, so V can make video walkthroughs for the whole class using her proprietary systems. The concepts are generally the same and applicable, so even if you’re not using what she’s using, Veronica can empower you to find your answers
  • Will there be replays of the live calls?
    We’ll be archiving the last three calls so you’ll have plenty of time to review and replay. We would keep them longer, but interfaces change quickly around these parts, and we don’t want to archive a bunch of outdated information.
  • Who is this Veronica Person?
    Veronica is Team Sam’s resident Swiss Army Knife. She is a graphic designer by training, and avid web developer since the early 90s (yes, she was a child in the early 90s. This is a lifelong obsession), and has been working in media production for much of her career. She is a Shopify Partner and has a mighty little e-commerce business that has been in operation since 2014 and has done extensive research in product development, particularly Print On Demand. Her artwork has been featured in Food Network Magazine and at the NASA Goddard visitors’ center. .

Join Us for the Tech Friday After Party!

After a successful year of Tech Friday we’ve decided to wrap it up to make room for some new skill-building programs.

Sign up between now and 10/31 at 9pm for access to the Tech Friday archive and join us for the After Party call on November 5th!

What You Get:

  • A Live Call with Veronica on the First and Third Fridays of the month, at 10am Pacific time
  • Veronica will answer pre-submitted and live questions via Zoom webinar. There will be tutorials, discussion of learning styles, shared screens and drawn diagrams.
  • Questions submitted ahead of the call will have the benefit of giving V time to do some research and provide you with the best answer she has the ability to give.
  • The current call and the three preceding it will be archived on a private page in the portal.

A Note From Veronica

Hello! Look, I’m not accustomed to bragging about myself, but a lot of very nice people have said a lot of very nice things about working with me. I’ve posted a few of them below, and I hope you’ll take their word for it.

I LOVE figuring things out. Having a new puzzle to solve and swearing at a computer until whatever random thing I’m hacking on works has kept me up many a night ever since I was a kid. I’m told other people have found the breadth of my many obsessions and hobbies useful in piecing together the tools and toys they need to get their own work out into the world, and I’m happy to be able to invite you into my head for a while to take advantage of the art, the production, the web development, and the product creation that I’ve been doing for the entirety of my adult life.

There is NOTHING like the feeling of getting a project over the finish line, getting from the Unknown, to the Known, and finally to the Done and Shared with the world. You’re going to love it.

When I need to make an appointment to consult with Veronica, I write “Summon the Wizard” on my to-do list.

Saundra G.

I highly recommend this program. Veronica makes everything technical make sense. She is such a gift to creatives who are overwhelmed by the behind the scenes technical stuff.

Beth P.

Thank you for your advice for me individually and everything else going on, so rich!

Cecila L.

You are such a gift. Thank you for always giving your best, no matter what.

Samantha B.

If It’s Not for You, We Can Still Be Friends

Check out the archives for the first seven days of your subscription. If you decide these fast, fun, open office hours aren’t for you, just let us know before the end of your first week and we’ll give you your money back.

Cancel your subscription any time.