Everything is Temporary

Everything is Temporary

The sky is orange and the air is heavy with smoke.

There is a brush fire burning in Ojai/Ventura – right now – about 20 miles from my home.

Houses burnt to the ground.
Habitats destroyed.
People and animals displaced.

Normally I wouldn’t try and email you in the middle of a crisis.

But we know that “crisis” contains both danger and opportunity.

So I thought we might take the opportunity of this moment to dwell on a deep truth:

Everything Is Temporary.

And it was ever thus.

Everything is always falling away from us as we circle toward something else.

Mostly we hope for things to fall away gently, not be gone in the whoosh of a sudden fireball.

But we don’t always get to pick.

Your emotions, your belongings, your body, your thoughts and fears – in time they will all pass away

Take a moment right now and imagine that it’s 100 years from now. If you were to return to this spot, what might you see?

Will there be any trace of you?

A book in a library somewhere?
A child with your name or likeness?
A piece of art displayed?
A scrap of music?
A few words of inspiration?

It’s nice to think that the work I do today could ripple through time and still be of consequence a century from now.

And if it were 10 years from now?

What of yours will survive the decade?

What about just one year from now?

What would you like to see in 12 months, as you gaze around the landscape of your life?

What will have been burned away? What will be new?

Will your dreams be still unrealized?

Or will you have created something that lasts?

I know that you are being called to create something that will still be having an impact 1 or 10 or 100 or 1000 years from now.

And I won’t accept any excuses.

You have wonderful ideas and a willing heart – all you need is some structure and support to create a workable plan.

Here’s a BRAND NEW offering:

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I have devised a NEW, unusual, and highly-participatory creative process designed to get you to:

    • Dream a Bigger Dream (because it’s never too late for your sweet dreams to come true)
    • Discern Your Right Path (even if you’re not sure right now what your “goal” should be)
    • Declare Your Deep Truth (because it’s time to stand up for your creative wisdom)
    • Determine Your Do-Able Daily Steps(I’m a practical girl – this isn’t just about your vision, it’s about making your vision WORK in your actual life)

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Because the reminder that everything is temporary is also the reminder to take action now.

There is no better time than now.

Now is the only time there is.

P.S. In the past few years, I’ve had major surgery, written a few wildly successful books, lived with depression and anxiety, grown my business into the mid-six figures, and still found time to walk on the beach. I know something about how to be productive, even when life is getting in the way. Join me for this all-new live interactive video workshop – in which you will actually be DOING stuff (not just taking notes : ) and let’s have 2018 be the year that makes a difference, OK? – S.

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P.P.P.S. If you are interested in helping, United Way of Ventura County is accepting donations via text by sending UWVC to 41444, online at www.vcunitedway.org, or by calling 805-485-6288. Also the Humane Society of Ventura County has taken in over 120 refugee animals, and I’m sure they would also welcome any assistance you can give. http://www.hsvc.org/. Thank you. – S.

By The Way, You Look Really Great Today

Is this your $400?

Did you see this report from the Federal Reserve last week?

46% of American adults say they would not be able to cover a $400 emergency expense.

That means most people are leading a veryfinancially precarious life.

And I get it — because that was me, too.

I used to deliver flowers and answer phones and produce radio dramas and teach improv while I was also going to auditions, working on shows and helping to run my theatre company.

I was exhausted and broke pretty much all the time, and every $400 meant the world to me.

But then I figured out HOW, as a creative person, I never needed to struggle with income.

See, we – the creatives of the world – have the magical ability to MAKE THINGS.

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Like my fellow Chicagoans, The Blues Brothers, I am on a MISSION FROM GOD to make sure that creative people have the ways and means to create whatever income they want whenever they need it.

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Dream Big, Lush, Vivid Dreams

Dream Big, Lush, Vivid Dreams

Disappointment is, literally, failing to keep an appointment. Which is why I think it hurts a little more than the other bumps and bruises of life.

When you feel disappointed, you are feeling deprived of something you thought was already in motion. If you’re feeling like you have an “appointment” with a promotion or a successful presentation or a new love, having that thing not work out is especially crushing because it was kind of a done deal inside your mind.

And that old saw about “don’t get your hopes up, and that way you won’t get disappointed,” is the biggest bunch of hooey I’ve ever heard.

First of all, it’s a bad strategy because it plain doesn’t.

If something you want doesn’t work out, you’re going to be bummed whether or not you had anticipated the failure.

And missing an opportunity to have delightfully high hopes seems. . . churlish.

I understand the impulse to say, “I just don’t want to get hurt again.” But guess what? You’re here to get hurt.

We’re here to try again. and again. and again. We’re here to gain resiliency.

So I say go ahead — get your hopes up. Dream big, lush, vivid dreams. Imagine your ideal of success with the full knowledge that reality may never measure up.

Then when things do work out, you haven’t wasted one moment tamping down your enthusiasm. And if they don’t work out, well, then, you are free to feel the full force of your disappointment. Which may or may not be as bad as you had imagined it might be.

I bet that if you stacked up all your disappointments you would you would find that very few of them make you think, “Oh, I wish I hadn’t even tried that.” I bet you would mostly think, “Well, I sure learned a lot.”

And that’s the other thing we’re here for: our soul’s education.

Nevertheless, disappointments can leave deep scars. And some disappointments take longer to heal than we’d like, even when we know we “should be over it by now.”

(Over it by now? Says who? What is this mysterious global time frame on getting over things? Honestly.)

Disappointment is a wise and valuable teacher. It acquaints you with grief. Grief, said the Greeks, is the daughter of anger and sadness. These two powerful emotions need to be felt, explored, and lived through.

Otherwise we are only a living shadow of our true selves: pretending we don’t care about the things we care about most.

So there’s a time to cry and a time to stop crying.

photo credit: A.K. Photography via photopin cc

Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready Syndrome

Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready Syndrome

The symptoms of Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready syndrome include feeling like you can’t possibly move forward until you lose ten pounds, get a degree, receive permission, know the right people, have enough money, get more experience, pay your dues, or obtain the right equipment.

The trick to defeating Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready syndrome is doing fifteen minutes of research. (And yes, this can be one of your fifteen-minute daily tasks.)

If you assume that you need to do something before you can do the thing you really want to do, please check that assumption — especially if the source of your information is your own mind. Google it, ask around, and, most important, ask someone who’s already done the thing you really want to do.

Chances are good that you’re over-complicating things.

There was the photographer who was convinced she couldn’t market herself until she had digitally optimized all her photos for her website, which would have meant weeks if not months of painstaking work. I asked her if she had one photo that she thought of as iconic, and when she said yes, I urged her to place just that one on her site. She was up and running twenty minutes later.

Lara was a highly intuitive performer who was feeling a pull toward embarking on a second career as a life coach, but she was feeling discouraged by the two years and several thousand dollars that certification would take.

Now, I admire and respect the people who’ve gone through coach certification, but it is not a prerequisite to being of great service to people.

When I pointed out that she already knew enough to at least get started with a few clients, she brightened right up.

Last I heard, she was running high-end retreats once a month in Beverly Hills — further proof that if you can deliver outstanding results, nobody really cares about your credentials.

And finally, there are the countless men and women who’ve told me that they can’t possibly get started on X, Y, or Z until they lose weight.

Honey, your destiny doesn’t care how much you weigh.

You can find a lover, sell your art, star in your show, and earn your fortune with the body you have right now. And it’s entirely possible that you will become so busy and happy working on your project that your body will self-adjust and become closer to your version of perfect.

After all, there’s nothing like joy to create health.

Find an Idea Catcher

Find an Idea Catcher

You are a genius, and you have a lot of really good ideas every day.

But chances are, you’re not writing them down.  And the life span of an unrecorded idea is. . . well, it’s pretty short.

So find a system that works for you, and use it every day. I like writing my ideas on index cards because they are cheap and cheerful and easy to carry.

But there are lots of other methods:

• Carry a little notebook.
• Use a voice memo app on your phone.
• Create an area in your datebook or journal for ideas.
• Find a note-taking app that you love to use.
• Call yourself and leave a message.
• Write on Post-its and stick them in places where you’ll see
• Use a coupon-carrier type envelope in which you can file your little scraps of paper

If you’re not a write-things-down kind of person, you might want to try tapping your wrist, forehead, or sternum as you repeat the idea out loud several times, or you might try turning your idea into a little song you can sing to yourself. These kinds of mnemonics work beautifully for some people.

Then you need to create a home for these great ideas.

(Here is my most succinct organizational tip: everything needs the rightsized home.)

For your random ideas or for the ones you are not moving forward on, I suggest creating a file, folder, or envelope, and labeling it “Genius.” At the end of each day, put your ideas in there.

They will nest and grow and, eventually, turn into something fabulous.

Index cards helped me write this book. When I first had the idea for this book, I thought it was great, but I also got immediately stuck because I wasn’t sure what format the book should be in. Should it be a workbook? A thought-for-the-day book? A six-week plan with prescriptive exercises for each day?

I knew I was falling into the trap of believing that I needed to have it all perfect inside my head before I moved forward, so I decided to let this book tell me what it wanted to be. For several weeks, every time I had an idea for something that I thought should be in the book, I wrote it down on an index card and put it in a “My Brilliant Book” manila envelope.

After about six weeks of this, I spread all the index cards out on my dining room table and began to sort them. I played around with a few different ways of organizing the ideas and finally ended up with a structure I really liked.

The fun part came when I started writing in earnest. Whenever I got stuck or didn’t know what part of the book to work on, I would just reach my hand into the envelope and write about the idea on whatever index card I pulled out.

I love letting chance and fate have a hand in my daily writing practice.

What’s your favorite  “Idea Catcher” ?

photo credit: Silvia Sala via photopin cc