Time To Put On The Rock Star Coat

Wondering how to balance a global mission and a humble heart?
How to handle all those pesky compliments?
What to do when you don’t really believe you’re all that great but you still need to promote yourself?

Yep. Me, too.

Plus I got this inquiry the other day:

Hi Sam,

Thanks for yesterday’s call – it was really inspiring.

You said that your big challenge had been visibility, and “putting on your rock star coat” (I loved that image). That’s exactly what I struggle with – coming out from hiding.

I’d love to hear more about how you stepped out into the light – if there’s specific steps you took, how you coped with the emotional backlash of being more seen etc. Also the spiritual tension of humility v reaching for the stars…

Thanks again!

Best wishes,


So I created the following call — please feel free to listen, download and share it — no registration required.

You’ll find out why you must:

1) Be a unicorn.

2) Be a rose.

3) Be gracious.

4) Be the department store Santa

5) Be 1% more present.

6) Be YOU.

7) Be an open, spiritually-centered vessel for money, success and praise.


“Just what I needed to hear today as I prep for the BIG YES! Thanks. You mentioned so many things that shoot right to the heart of my worries.” – G.A.

“Hi Sam! This was a GREAT call.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge!” – R.C.


So…what do you think?

Are you willing to start using your magical powers for good?


P.S. I make a few references to my upcoming event

The Big Yes: How To Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-Doubt and Make Money from Your Creativity
June 20-23, 2013
San Diego, CA

and there’s still a few tickets available — if you’re interested you can find out more here: www.BigYesRevolution.com — Thanks!


3 of 7: Can’t Get Started…Can’t Find The Time…

Hi — This is #3 of 7 days I’m sending out a series of articles about how to do better & feel better about marketing your creative projects and entrepreneurial endeavors.  It’s a promo for my fabulous new www.WriteRightNowVIP.com teleclass that starts this Thursday, May 24 – check it out!  We offer “satisfaction guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded.” That’s how confident we are that you will benefit enormously from this course.

Either way, I love how much you all are loving the tips & information in these articles.

“Thanks some of the tips have been working already!! I look forward to listening again and telling my friends.” – Deb Proctor, Buenos Aires

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And, FYI, here are all “7 Copy Writing Mistakes…” topics:

1 of 7: I don’t want to feel sales-y…(read this one here)
2 of 7: I’m too wordy… (read this one here)
3 of 7: How to get started & how to find the time to keep going
4 of 7: What’s REALLY effective copy writing & how do you know?
5 of 7: Beat perfectionism once and for all
6 of 7: How to discover what’s really going to be compelling for your audience
7 of 7: What to do if you feel constrained by having to write for SEO, academic writing, your boss…

How To Get Started And How To Stay Motivated

OK – I’m just going to say this straight out:

If you are a creative entrepreneur, then you have 2 gigs. You have your “real” gig – the job or work that you actually do (consultant, coach, practitioner, actor, healer, chef, tinker, tailor, soldier, spy…) and you have the gig of marketing your gig.

Congratulations. You just won two jobs.

It’s vitally important that you be honest with yourself about whether or not you are willing to accept both jobs.

Because if you just want to do your work and you don’t want to do the marketing, then that’s fine! Just make sure you don’t need the money.

But if you need your business to be profitable or to have a bigger audience, then you’ve got to come to terms with doing the marketing — or, as I described it in email 1 of 7 of this series, “Marketing Is Just Making Friends With People You Don’t Know Are Your Friends Yet.”

Once you commit fully to BOTH of your gigs, you’ll find your motivation to get started grows.

Now Commit To Writing Every Single Day No Matter What

I’ve created a Daily 5-Minute Writing Assignment for the Write Right Now VIP workshop so that you will get in the habit of writing something (a Facebook post, a blog post, a “thank you” email, a love letter, a Tweet…) every. single. day. for eight weeks.

Making your copy writing an AUTOMATIC HABIT helps:

diminish perfectionism (after all, you’re going to work on it again tomorrow, so who cares if it’s not perfect today?)
reduce your anxiety around getting started
end the argument you’ve been having with yourself about how you really should be writing more

But you are perfectly capable of creating a list of assignments for yourself.  You don’t need me to send you a “Daily Goose”…

Maybe you make Monday your Twitter Day and Tuesday your Blog Post Day and Wednesday your Sales Page Day…

Or maybe you decide to spend a month just writing, split testing and perfecting your Landing Pages….

Or spend two weeks playing around with Facebook Ads…

Do whatever you know will help get the truth about what you do in front of the people who really need you. And if you don’t know exactly what that is, then you’d either get some expert advice (like from me & Wes) or you best start experimenting, honey!

And How To Keep Going

Get a buddy.

Accountability is a an incredibly valuable tool.

After all, if I promise myself I’m going to do something, well…I may or may not do it. But if I promise YOU that I’m going to do something – well, shoot! You know I’m going to do it.

BTW, the Write Right Now VIP workshop offers you a PRIVATE Facebook page where you can find like-minded creative geniuses. You can post your wins, find accountability buddies or just stay inspired by watching everyone else. An amazing resource!

Find this helpful? Here’s how to get more…

You deserve to have your business be financially sustainable, values-driven and joyful. Not easy, mind you – but joyful.

And improving your copy writing is the NUMBER ONE key to your success.


I’ve partnered up with my good friend Wes Schaeffer from www.TheSalesWhisperer.com – he’s an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant & he’s a full-on, small-business genius with a GREAT sense of humor – everyone says we make a great team : )

So you’re invited to check out our Free Preview Event – called “7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money”

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It’s for creative entrepreneurs, frustrated small business people…

and YOU if you know that if only your…

– web pages

– bios (don’t you HATE writing Bios? We’ll show you the EASY way!)

– blog posts

– product descriptions

– social media posts (what are you supposed to say on Twitter? Really?)

– press releases

– emails (like this one!)

…were more authentic & more compelling, then you could SELL MORE STUFF, which would mean you would be helping more people! (Which is why we do all this, right?)

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

– You want to promote your business…but you get tongue-tied when people ask you what you do.

– You would love to Blog and Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest & whatever… but you’re not really sure what to say.

– You know your web pages are old & boring…but the idea of redoing it all makes you want to go lay down.

– You’re a creative entrepreneur who’s over-worked.

– You’ve got 37 ideas, a bunch of new projects and plus there’s your actual business…and then there’s the family and the kids and… good heavens, you don’t have the TIME to write new copy!

– You’re ready for financial success and you don’t have time to screw around. You need real answers from experts who really GET IT.

– You are ready to learn a NEW way to write copy that’s easy, fun and…wait for it…. PROFITABLE.

Then this event is for you!

Here’s what people said about it:

“so down to earth, and so real, and are SO encouraging!” – D.D., California

“That was very helpful! Thanks, you two 🙂 ” – R.P., Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoy your laser sharp humor as well as succinct comments and great insights. Always inspirational and instructive.” – C. D., Washington

“7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money”

—–> Watch or download the free on-demand webinar here
(or paste this link into your browser window: http://bit.ly/WRNVIP2)

You can listen online AND you can download the MP3.

I’ve been in the trenches & learned a lot about small business marketing in the past bunch of years and I’m thrilled to have this chance to share my insights with you.

But if they never hear about it, they can’t benefit from it, right?

And please let me know how things are going with you – you know I love to hear from you!


P.S. And yes, of course this is a preview event for the Write Right Now VIP workshop – but it’s not a pitch-fest – you know I hate that, too. This is TONS of useful content, tailored just for you. In fact, if you want to check out what the Write Right Now VIP workshop is all about, you can go here: http://writerightnowvip.com/info/

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Thank you!

Why Is It So Awful When Everyone Thinks You’re So Wonderful?

Why Is It So Awful When Everyone Thinks You’re So Wonderful?

“I love your work…”

“Wow, your life is so perfect…”

“You changed my life…”

Sounds great, right? All that praise and approval?

Isn’t that just what you’ve always wanted?

So why do you have a horrible, sinking feeling in your stomach?

There are quite a few unexpected thoughts and feelings that can arise when you begin to be a successful public person:

  • “I’m a fraud.”
  • “Everyone thinks my life is perfect and it is SO not perfect – I feel awful.”
  • “Why is being so popular so exhausting?”

Don’t worry – you’re not crazy. You’re just dealing with a very wonderful problem.

Here’s the link to the blog post I created about this topic for the wonderful people over at CreateHype.com:


And here’s the free audio event I recorded about this topic:

I’d love to hear your thoughts….