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-- the easy, no-fear way to start and
grow your audience --

Saturday, October 19, 2024

9am PT / 12noon ET — 2:30 pm PT / 5:30pm ET


Live with Sam; replay on demand


One Jam-packed Day to Focus & Get It Done

Step-by-Step Guidance

The Easiest, most heartfelt (and profitable) form of marketing is email

and you can get started in one day

Sell Your Stuff

Start A Movement

Impress An Agent

We’re not just going to talk about building your audience,
we’re going to do it.

Right now:

  1. You are struggling to connect with ideal clients in a way that doesn’t feel sales-y
  2. We get it.
  3. Spend just one day with award-winning email marketer Sam Bennett, and GET IT DONE, the easy way!

Don’t Miss this Opportunity to Discover EXACTLY How to captivate your audience with Email and Social Media

An easy-to make, customized freebie to give to your audience (AKA a ‘Lead Magnet’)
  2. Your first five emails written and READY
  3. Your first sales offer DONE

Let’s do this thing!

And with The Bunny Slope You Also Get:

INSIDER INFO: Sam’s real-life secrets on how to grow a community of adoring fans.

PERSONALIZED LEAD MAGNET AND YOUR FIRST FIVE EMAILS: Real-time, done-with-you creation of marketing materials you will love.

​AMAZING COLLEAGUES: Work with a wonderful, supportive group who will ​keep you inspired and not let you quit.

STEP-BY-STEP DEMOS: No previous tech experience needed (remember, we are talking “Bunny Slope”) – we are making it THAT easy!

AUTHENTIC, NON-SALESY: You’ll know just what to say (and how to say it) to attract the perfect people.

A personal note from Sam:

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.

Creating and growing an audience and a list – a like-minded community – is the single most important thing you can to do to support your art, your business, your writing, your movement.

I know it can feel overwhelming – I can hear it in the questions you ask:

“How do I even get started?”
“How do I get people to sign up?”
“How often should I send? I don’t want to pester people…”
“What if I don’t really know what my business is yet?”
“I don’t understand the tech stuff….”

Which is why I’ve devised this easy, fun, stress-free one-day event, where I will take you by the hand and walk you, step-by-step, through the process of starting and growing your audience.

You are a wonderful person, and you do great work.
More people should know about it, don’t you think?

It’s time to stop hiding.
Now is your moment.

The world needs your art.
The world needs your words.
The world needs your good work.

See you there, OK?

– Sam.

Praise for Sam Bennett’s Programs

It was the juiciest, most nourishing, and most fun weekend I’ve had in a very, very long time. I left completely charged with creativity, a sense of direction, and a small network of some of the MOST talented and interesting people I’ve met in my life.

Sisi Lang

I knew without a doubt that I absolutely HAD to make the investment in myself or nothing would ever change. I had some big goals and dreams and visions and saw no way to get there on my own. Working with Sam…was life-changing for me and set me on a whole new path with more wisdom and confidence.

Cynthia Scott

My inner critics beat me up for signing up for programs with Sam. ‘You can do this on your own,’ they told me. Well, maybe I could have, but I’ve learned so much more in a far more practical, streamlined way than I could have on my own. And I feel blessed to spend time within the community of brilliantly creative, loving and supportive people that Sam and her programs attract.

Barbara Jacksha

There are few people who blend a rational sense of system so beautifully with an open and caring heart. Samantha Bennett is the definition of a teacher/guide – she imparts awareness and knowledge with the gusto of an Irish bartender and holds her students close like the protective lioness grooming her cubs to rule their jungle.

–Sam Christensen

Sam Christensen Studios

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Love Letters and Your Profits

Replay of Sam’s preview call for this year’s Bunny Slope

About Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett is a writer, speaker, actor, teacher and creativity/productivity specialist and the author of the bestselling, “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day” (New World Library) which Seth Godin called, “An instant classic, essential reading for anyone who wants to make a ruckus.” It and her second bestseller, “Start Right Where You Are: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Overwhelmed Procrastinators, Frustrated Overachievers and Recovering Perfectionists” (New World Library), are available at all major book outlets

Sam is also the creator of The Organized Artist Company, dedicated to helping people get unstuck, so they can focus and move forward on their goals.

She is a marketing expert, having spent 15 years as a Personal Branding Expert for Sam Christensen Studios and has been honored as an Ultimate Marketer Finalist at Infusioncon. She is also an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and Reseller.

She currently lives in a perfect little beach town outside of LA, where she is working on her next book.

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