The Prosperity Project:
Launch & Grow A Real Business Doing the Work You Love

You have the soul of a poet.
Why are you schlepping to that day-job?

You have the mind of a philosopher.
Why are you still over-working and under-earning?

You have a heart brimming with passion.
Why are you stuck doing work that crushes your soul?

Turns out, you are perfectly designed to be a successful creative entrepreneur.
You just haven’t had access to the creative’s way for achieving authentic, lasting prosperity… until now.

 But Sam, My Project is WEIRD…

Please enjoy this free training on making $2K from your weird idea.

Let Sam Bennett show you how your innate creativity and passion can create the business – and life – of your dreams.

8 Sessions of priceless insights from someone who really gets you.

The Prosperity Project is RIGHT for you if want to:

  • No longer feel that business is hard or scary or that you have to compromise your values in any way. You can do business your way… the creatives way.
  • Gain a compassionate understanding of how a sale actually works, so you never feel awkward asking for the money again.
  • Figure out how to charge enough so you can keep doing or start doing the work you love and have it truly support you.
  • Put an end to “starving artist” syndrome once and forever! And experience the thrill of receiving what your work is actually worth.
  • Discover the funnest possible ways to attract the perfect clients right to your door.
  • Easily transcend your old beliefs and patterns and wake up to real creative prosperity.

With "The Prosperity Project," you get a self-paced program with a TON of bonus material, including the make-money-while-it's-happening, "Money & Spirit" training - all for waaay less than the price of an MBA.

Just $997 PIF
Or Choose Easy Monthly Installments:

Easy 3-pay at $347/month or 6-pay at $187/month

All covered by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Tuition Cheerfully Refunded

What Sam Covers & Why

Session 1, LOVE

Principles of Influence

How to Influence People (ethically, natch). This session alone is worth the price of admission. Seriously.

Session 2, WOW

How to Attract and Wow New Clients

Sam’s elegant system to create a wholly original way to attract, sell and wow your perfect clients. A total game-changer.

Session 3, YOU

How to Be the Most Successful Version of Yourself

Sam’s 100% pain-free system of personal branding for sensitive people.

Session 4, MONEY

How to Get Over Your Money Stuff

Sam will gently point out how your money-thinking is leading you wrong, and the truth than can set you free.


How to Make Irresistible Offers

Sam reveals easy, ethical ways to charge top dollar for your work. The result? Absolute joy.

Session 6, Ideal

How to Find Ideal Clients

Sam shows you how to find the best clients or customers and build a community of love, honesty and service.

Session 7, SHARE

How to Talk About What You Do So People Get It

Sam will show you how to find fun, pithy ways to communicate the truth about what you do.

Session 8, ENJOY

How to Enjoy Your New Success

Have you ever self-sabotaged? Or quit right when you were about to win? This session will allow you to relax into your new upper limits of joy and prosperity.

Bonus Session 9, FUN

How to Have Fun Selling Stuff. Really.

If you stumble when it’s time to ask for the sale, this special bonus training with Sam & her CMO, MaryKay will be like GOLD for you.

How much is it costing you to NOT get your work into the world?

Just $9997 PIF Or Choose Easy Monthly Installments:

3-pay at $ 347/month or 6-pay at $ 187/month

30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Tuition Cheerfully Refunded

Plus… $4,838.00 in REALLY USEFUL Bonuses

Bonus Session 1: The Weirder the Better: Sam Shows You How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit, Value $297.00

(Perfect for those whose work really is kinda, “weird.”)

To which Sam say’s, “Great! We love weird and the weirder the better!” In this delightful and ah-ha filled bonus session Sam is going to walk you through exactly how to turn the thing that you do, into cash, no matter how obscure or just plain weird your thing is.


“I created my first event and hosted it yesterday. It went great! Nine fully engaged participants, lots of thanks and praise, and I made a profit.” – Robin 

Bonus Session 2: Makin’ Sales Sexy & Fun, w/Sam and MaryKay, Value: $297.00

This exclusive training with Sam and founder of ConverMORE Consulting, MaryKay Morgan, is designed especially for the creative person who shies away from sales. We get it – we were shy once, too. And the undercharging! Ridiculous. Then we learned how to kindly, gently and firmly talk with people about what they’re buying, and gracefully ask for the money. You’ll be amazed at how easy it really is. We’ve got this valued at $297, but seriously, it’s priceless.


“I just received a check for $5000.00!….I feel so humbled and validated at the same time: this stuff works! What a blessing to have this group to share the journey with.” – Jeff

And there’s more!

A Private, 1-on-1 Session with Sam Value: $750.00

Sam doesn’t offer private sessions – you actually can’t just buy them. So getting one as a bonus is very special opportunity to connect directly, ask her opinion, get her incredibly high-value input and get your questions resolved. Don’t miss this.


“No matter how much self-development you’ve done or self-awareness you’ve cultivated, time spent in the presence, wisdom and process of Sam Bennett is invaluable. You will leave with clarity, vision, answers, healing (and an impromptu psychic reading to boot!) Not enough can be said about her abilities as a teacher, an expert and a creative shaman. She is the real deal who delivers 1000% on her promise…and finds a way to put money in your pocket.”
– Kelly, comedian & astrologer

Fear NOT the Tech! Value $497.00

If tech and business systems talk make you want to run and hide, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE your 1-on-1 “Fear NOT the Tech!” session from a member of Sam’s team.

The truth of the matter is fear of the techy and business-y stuff is one of the most frequently cited reasons why creatives aren’t making great money doing the work they love… but not for you, Not anymore.


“Sam is warm, funny, genuine and truly gifted at helping you not just discover your next level, but move into it. You will be glad you gave yourself the gift of working with her.”
– Barbara, artist

Money & Spirit (INSTANT ACCESS) Value $497.00

One person made $400.00 DURING this training. Yep.

Another person listened to just half of the training and then went out and proceeded to make $7000.00. Truth.

This. Stuff. Works.

What will happen for you as you apply the lessons in this hands-on workshop that balances calm, balanced spirituality and practical action to bring in the cash you need, whenever you need it?

Well, let’s just say we can’t wait to hear!

15-Minute a Day Creative Action Steps Value: Incalculable

With this easy tool, you will always know what to do next.

We know that following the 15-minute a day formula creates MAGICAL results, and Sam’s lists of suggestions are cheerful, easy, uplifting and unusual.

After being creatively, and otherwise, in a tarpit of winter depression and exhaustion and general awfulness, I actually got 15 minutes of work done today….There is nothing quite like feeling that energy shift. I am grateful!” –Patti, writer


Total up the freebies, bonuses and extra trainings, and you’re getting $11,745 in value for:

Just $997

Or Choose Easy Monthly Installments:

3 months at $ 347/month or 6 months at $ 187/month

All covered by our 30-Day, No-hassles, Money-back Guarantee!


Sam is known for her commitment to excellence, and for over-delivering with exceptionally high-quality training. And, if the program really isn’t a fit, you can request a full refund anytime within the first 30 days, so there’s no risk in saying, “yes,” today.


UGGHHHH! Is this going to be like all those “other” programs I’ve seen, heard about or actually tried that (frankly) make me gag?

Nope. Not at all. Fact is – you haven’t been properly taught. Or more precisely, you’ve been improperly taught based on WHO YOU ARE.

As soon as I get done explaining the truth about all this stuff – and how you as a creative need to apply it – you are going to realize how simple it is to experience the freedom, joy and profit of creating a business around doing your work; the work you love; the work you are here to do.

What if after I join, I decide it isn’t for me?

Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Tuition Cheerfully Refunded policy is known throughout the industry as a rock-solid promise. (And we can say “cheerfully” because really – it almost never happens.) Most people find Sam’s trainings to be supremely valuable, fun and easy to digest, but if for any reason you don’t, just let us know within the first month, OK?

Can you promise that I’ll make more money if I take this class?

Wouldn’t that be great? If we could absolutely guarantee a result like that? Of course, we can’t, because you are the one in charge of you.

We can tell you that most people who work with Sam and implement her teachings see immediate improvement in their financial lives. Some see their income double right away. Your mileage may vary. We promise to do everything possible to set you up to succeed, but the end result is entirely up to you.

Praise for Sam Bennett & Her Mentoring

From some famous and not-so-famous people… like you.

I feel so appreciative of the fact that you care so much about the people who are so willing to create. Thank you for you work that helps us do our work, and believe in the possibility of our desires and projects again.


There are few people who blend a rational sense of system so beautifully with an open and caring heart. Samantha Bennett is the definition of a teacher/guide – she imparts awareness and knowledge with the gusto of an Irish bartender and holds her students close like the protective lioness grooming her cubs to rule their jungle.

–Sam Christensen

Sam Christensen Studios

About Sam Bennett

Originally from Chicago, Samantha Bennett is a writer, speaker, actor, teacher and creativity/productivity specialist and the author of the bestselling, “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day” (New World Library) which Seth Godin called, “An instant classic, essential reading for anyone who wants to make a ruckus.” Her latest bestseller is, “Start Right Where You Are: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Overwhelmed Procrastinators, Frustrated Overachievers and Recovering Perfectionists” (New World Library).

She is the creator of The Organized Artist Company, dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck, helping them to focus and move forward on their goals.

She is also a marketing expert, having spent 15 years as a Personal Branding Expert for Sam Christensen Studios and has been honored as an Ultimate Marketer Finalist at Infusioncon. She is also an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and Reseller.

She currently lives in a perfect little beach town outside of LA, where she is working on her next book.