Taking a big step in the direction of your dreams seems like it should be easy, right?

After all – isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?

So then why do I get emails like this:

Hi Sam —

I just wanted to put it out there that I am feeling rather nervous and scared about coming to The Big Yes.

The old feelings of ‘lack’ and ‘scarcity’ and ‘putting everyone else’s needs ahead of my own’ keep popping up. Initiating changes has stirred things up – money considerations, etc. are causing doubts and guilt. Yikes!

Stuff at work is unsettled, some family stuff has come up…. (I could go on and on, but I won’t).

Any thoughts or words of wisdom to share?


Do you know the feeling?

Yep. Me, too.

So I wrote back:


Dear M —


HOORAY for you for noticing the old patterns that keep you stuck!

Because, honey — that’s it. And know that this is ALL you need to move forward: the knowledge that all that old crap — all those doubts and fears — are just an express elevator to hell.

Your FUTURE is on the other side of all this discomfort.

Learn to welcome the discomfort.
It means you are trying something new.
It means you are growing.
It means you are just ONE DEGREE away from being exactly where you want to be.

The trouble is that this uncomfortable moment you are in right now is where most people quit.

The pressure is too much.

The money-thing seems so real. (SO real!)

The family thing flares up.

The monsters under the bed somehow double in population and – hey – who gave my Mom’s voice the megaphone???

Take it from me, babe – it’s all an illusion.

The money thing is an illusion (you know it will work out. it always does.)

The family thing is an illusion (you know they will be just fine no matter what and you staying stuck doesn’t help them one bit)

The monster thing is an illusion (you’ve known that forever)

So…deep breath.
Welcome to your future.

Time for some comforting reading (Harry Potter, anyone? Annie Lamott?), extra kleenex, get a lot of sleep and maybe buy a cute new outfit or get your hair done.

Call a supportive friend.
Be here now.

You can do it!!!

All this fear and anxiety is just the SIGN you’ve been waiting for that you MUST do it.

Think of this as stage fright: you’re about to start starring in your own life.

It’s perfectly natural to have jitters.
And still — the show must go on.

(Can you imagine if you stopped the show now, just because you got scared? The audience sent away…the sets torn down…the chorus girls taking off their make-up…. it’s too sad to even contemplate. You MUST go on!)

HOORAY for you!

And HOORAY for you reaching out and admitting the TRUTH!

I can’t WAIT to see what happens next.



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Thank you so much for being a part of my circle….

And please do tell me how it goes for you, OK? I’m always interested to hear about your projects.

You inspire me.