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Register for 3 Strategies to Overcome Self Doubt
In this highly time-efficient training Sam will guide you in:
  • HOW to get to the root of self doubt. You know, what it’s really about so you can replace it with confidence.
  • The SECRETS successful creatives use to stop procrastinating and take action.
  • A simple PLAN that you’ll actually WANT to do (because it’s fun) and doesn’t feel like “planning.”
    *This is gold.
Register The Procrastination Domination Starter Kit
Sam’s most popular trainings ever in which she will guide you to
  • Understanding what’s really at the root of procrastination and how to move forward anyway. (This is big.)
  • A simple, exclusive process to help you decide between your 137 great ideas.
  • And… Sam’s amazing 2-second method for dealing with compliments and criticisms, and other fearful chatter in your head.
Register Breaking Through Your Persistent Plateaus
In this one-of-a-kind training Sam will reveal why, in spite of everything you’ve been told or experienced up until now:
  • Affirmations don’t work.
  • Goal-setting is (mostly) futile.
  • Long-term, lasting change is possible – except you’ve been going about it *completely* the wrong way.