Email is Still The Best Way To Connect With Clients

Email is Still The Best Way To Connect With Clients

Let’s talk about the easiest, most fun way to reach clients, build relationships and make more cashola, shall we?

I often get asked how to build and retain a robust client list. I let people know that there is a secret tool that we all have in our back pockets— a tool that costs nothing to use and very little expertise to learn, but can give you an incredible return on investment and help you build a thriving community. 

That tool is email.

I know, I know— email? Email is boring. Email is pushy. And aren’t we all overwhelmed with too many emails nowadays anyway?

Well, email is effective. In fact, for every person on your mailing list, you can generally expect to make an extra $100 a year. That means that a thousand-person mailing list can net you $100,000! Not bad for words on a screen.

I began building my mid-six-figure business back when I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and I didn’t know it was supposed to be hard. I started with a mailing list of around two or three hundred people, and wrote poems I thought people might like to hear. One day I sent a poem called “A Prayer for the Capable.” It was an ode to the type of people who show up day after day, the type of people who make the world a better place by helping. 

That poem received an avalanche of response. People wrote to me saying they loved it— that they felt seen, or that they saw their loved ones in it. It was a beautiful moment of connection that showed me something I’d been missing— the key to email’s true power. 

Email is a bridge-making device. Communication is two-way. It’s like the excitement you might have had as a kid when you got a letter at camp or a postcard from a traveling friend. I wonder what they’re going to say? When you write to your clients’ hearts, you give them that feeling. The key is to write your emails as if you expect everybody to write you back. 

When you think of email as a conversation instead of a bombardment, you’re giving your clients a gift. It might be a moment of reflection, a moment of sweetness, a thought-provoking idea. You don’t have to be a great writer, and you don’t have to write a lot. The work lies in attracting people onto your list and feeding them a steady diet of great stuff. 

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Are you good at too many things?

Are you good at too many things?

My bio could easily read: “Sam Bennett is an accomplished teacher, bestselling author, career coach, producer, actor, businesswoman, meeting facilitator, improviser, sock-monkey maker, playwright, decoupage artist, popular LinkedIn Learner course creator, chronic over-thinker, amateur systems analyst and professional organizer, and she delights in cheerfully mentoring creatives and frustrate over-achievers on their way to great productivity and success.”

You see, who I am is not singular. The bio above is simply me turning my multiplicity of talents and skills into a statement that ***demonstrates*** that I am a multi-dimensional, Creativity and Productivity Specialist.

So here’s my #1 tip for multi-hyphenate people like you and me: Go with it.

You shine brightly in so many ways. So quit thinking that you need to “narrow down” and “just focus on one thing,” and start thinking about what the cumulative effect of your body of experience and your many skills and talents might mean for you then, please, share with us in the comments.

The Prosperity Series

Prosperity: What it is. What it isn’t. How to get yours.

Part 1, Prosperity: What it is.

In which Sam engages in an inspiring conversation around you, your talents and your creative prosperity and reveals why now is the time to put the phrase, “starving artist” to rest once and for all.

“Gnashing” is Such a Funny Word

“Gnashing” is Such a Funny Word

– a limited series about unconventional economics –

Want to see me wail & gnash my teeth?

Be the person who tells me that you reallyreallyreally want your life to be different, and then refuse to take any steps toward actually *making* your life different, because, you know… it isn’t a good time…maybe in a few months would be better….and you can’t really afford it…and your spouse isn’t very supportive…and you kinda sorta think that if you just keep doing what you’ve always done, you will somehow get a new result.


Here is what I know to be true:

If you are willing to take one tiny step toward what you want, the Universe will rush a thousand steps towards you.

If you are willing to do things differently, you will get different results.

If you are willing to get uncomfortable – and stay uncomfortable – you will find yourself in world of miracles followed by more miracles.

Now, I am not saying that entrepreneurship is for everyone.

Far from it.

(Of course, if it was really not for you, you probably would’ve opted out of this email series already.)

Most entrepreneurship courses out there are RESULTS oriented.

“How to Create Programs & Packages”

“How to Have Authentic Sales Conversations”

“How to Write Better Copy”

“How to Use Social Media When You Kind of Hate Social Media”

“How to Use Your Intuition & Self Care to Grow Your Business Without Going Nuts”

And all that is good.

I love practical, results-oriented training.

So I give you access to those teachings and more – done with my trademark flair : )

But more importantly, we are PROCESS oriented.

  • I walk with you, every step of the way.
  • I will review your sales page, talk you off the ledge when your best client quits and advise you on which book you should write next, and why.
  • I will dive into your wild, uncharted spiritual process and pray with you.
  • I will be 100% honest with you.
  • I will share the real “backstage view” of how I run my multi-six figure business from my cozy place by the beach.

And you will find yourself with a beautiful community of like-minded creatives who will cheer you on, ask you hard questions and give you a chance to share your gifts with them.

Sam’s Pro Club is not for everyone.

It’s not a quick fix.

It’s not cookie-cutter.

It’s a private, hand-crafted community: led by me, and inspired by you.

And it comes with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Tuition Cheerfully Refunded.

CLICK HERE to take one tiny step

(Please….only you can prevent my teeth-gnashing…)

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me.



P.S. Here’s what I know for sure: taking baby steps like this is the way to grow into your prosperous, sustainable life. Even just 15 minutes a day can take you there. But you’re going to need a supportive community, some solid training in entrepreneurial concepts and some good advice (both practical and spiritual) from someone who’s done it already. That’s what Sam’s Pro Club is all about – and you can get started for just $12.32/day (annual subscription). Check it out here– S.

“And the money has hit my account! I was able to walk my very first coaching client through her objections and got her to yes. Amazing. I just followed Sam’s script which removed 97% of the anxiety!! Thanks Samantha Bennett!” – M.C., current member of Sam’s Pro Club