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Bonus #1: Bouncing Back from Disappointment: Three Strategies to REALLY Get Over It
Bonus #2: Why Is It So Awful When Others Think I’m Wonderful?

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Bonus #3: 10 Ways to Find the Money

Feeling broke is a miserable feeling, and allowing the thought, “I can’t afford that” to make your decisions for you is just downright depressing.

But let’s say there’s something you would very much like to do and let’s say the price tag is $1000. In fact, go ahead right now and think of an actual example of something that you could spend a thousand dollars on that would really move you and your creativity forward (a new website, an editor for your book, a plane ticket to Paris…)

Here are some suggestions to stimulate your thinking and get you from, “I don’t have the money,” to “I might have the money.” Heck, it might even get you all the way to, “I DO have the money!”

1. Unused gift cards

Time magazine reports that roughly $2 billion in gift cards go unused each year. Do you have a few lying around? You can either find a helpful friend who might like to trade the gift card for cash at face value, or you may want to investigate third-party online resellers, who will help broker the sale of your gift card, usually netting you between 65% and 90% of face value.

2. Sell something you’re not using

Old jewelry, stuff that’s in storage (especially if you are paying storage fees!) and miscellaneous collectables cannot only fetch you some spare change, but they also help de-clutter your house. If you’re reluctant to try selling the piece yourself, look for a reputable online or bricks-and-mortar reseller. Yes, you will give up part of the money in commission and fees, but just like with the gift card example above, 75% of something is a lot more than 100% of nothing, plus you get to save yourself the time and hassle of posting, selling and shipping the items.

3. Raise your prices

If you already have an existing business or service, consider this two-step way to drastically increase your income:
1) raise your prices. I’m astonished by how many small business owners refuse to raise their prices, scared silly that they will lose customers. But think of it this way: if you double your prices, you can afford to lose up to half of your customers and your income will not suffer, plus you’ll have twice as much time.
2) Tell your existing clients that you’re raising your rates as of XYZ date, but since they are your loyal friends, they can have a special “legacy” rate. So, if, say you were a masseuse, and you wanted to raise your rates from $50 to $100, you might offer your existing clients a rate of $75.

4. Offer a “package” to existing clients

This is another opportunity for those of you who have an existing business: stop charging by the hour and offer “packages.” So rather than offering one oil change, or one Reiki session, or one haircut, offer a six-month package that includes several sessions (usually at a slight discount from your one-off rate). This way you get paid up front and the client gets the benefit and convenience of booking your services in advance.

5. Crowd-funding

There are a number of good crowd-funding sites online now that can legally permit to you to rally your friends, neighbors and social media buddies to all chip in and help you reach your financial goal. It’s amazing how generous people will be when they understand the “what” and the “why” of your request, and how quickly a thousand bucks can land in your pocket. I have one friend who paid for her voiceover lessons this way, and another who got himself a pair of hard-to-come-by Google Glasses. Because we all knew that these purchases would move the person closer to his or her dreams, everyone contributed cheerfully.

6. Pay a monthly bill in advance

This is a longer-term strategy, but you might want to ask your landlady if she’ll knock a bit off your rent if you pay her, say, six months in advance. I have a friend who was able to save 5% off his rent this way, which, over a year, netted him almost a thousand dollars. Other vendors may consider the same strategy – your parking garage, your housekeeper, or your babysitter. (You might notice that this is the “create a package offer” in reverse.)

7. Uncollected debts

I bet somebody somewhere owes you money. Maybe it’s a friend or maybe it’s a client, but now is the time to call in those markers. Be clear, be polite and be firm.

8. Change jug

If you’re like most people I know, you’ve got a giant jug of spare change somewhere in your bedroom. Putting that money in the bank allows it to add up quicker than you might think. My husband and I once committed to putting all spare change plus any residual check we got under $30 (we were both actors, and so often got “re-run” checks for very small amounts) into a special bank account. In less than 3 years we had almost $5000. And all from money we never would have noticed otherwise.

9. Hire yourself out for your special skills

What do you do effortlessly? Plan parties? Calligraphy envelopes? Organize garages? Entertain children? Post to Pinterest? Whatever your special talents may be, I guarantee there’s someone who would love to hire you. You may feel funny taking money for something that you do so naturally, but believe me: that’s the stuff you can charge the most for, because you work more swiftly and with a higher degree of skill than most others.

10. Hire yourself out for your non-special skills

Any task that people don’t generally enjoy doing, you can hire yourself out for almost immediately. I recently met someone who has a very successful business picking up dog poop from peoples’ yards. You could also walk dogs, help people back up their computers, organize their receipts at tax time or run errands.

+ 1 More… Sell your art

My friend Janice recently posted an image of a painting she had done a few years ago on Facebook with a message about how she had the opportunity to rent a painting studio, so she was selling some of her artwork to finance that. Her piece sold for $600 in one day, and I was surprised by how many of her friends commented that they didn’t even know that she was a painter, and did she maybe have other pieces for sale? You have fans you don’t even know about yet – give them a chance to enjoy, share and purchase your work and you may find yourself living the life of a successful creative entrepreneur.

Put Procrastination Behind You... For Good

Register now for the most popular workshop I’ve ever created: The Procrastination Domination Starter Kit. 

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