Get It Done

Praise for Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day

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Sam Bennett’s “Get It Done” book is less like a self-help book and more like a conversation with that really great friend who gives you that really great piece of advice at just the right time. If you constantly find yourself putting off those creative projects or are simply too afraid to get them started, Sam’s wisdom will ever-so-gently nudge you towards completion. I mean, you’re working on finishing one of your projects by the end of the first chapter! Talk about results! If you’ve ever wanted to feel encouraged or inspired or nurtured or championed in your own personal creative endeavor, THIS is the book for you.” – Stefan on Amazon

Sam Bennett is a genius — really. She has the unique ability to help artists of all types love who they are and love the work they do, and then, get this, she helps them actually get their creative work out into the world in a bigger, better way. Get It Done is the book you will come back to time and time again for inspiration, pro- found truths, humor, and one-of-a-kind practical tools. Bennett’s wit, poetic words, and loving thwacks upside the head are just what every creative person needs. Hearing her words is like sitting down with your best friend and receiving the advice your soul has been longing to hear.”

— Amy Ahlers, author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves

Whether you are just toying with the idea of pursuing a creative interest for the first time or you are already established in a creative field, Get It Done gets you excited to start prioritizing and pursuing your ideas. On top of that, Sam Bennett’s exercises are actually enjoyable (as opposed to the kind that can feel like unpleasant homework) and will help you move your ideas out of your head and into the world. Bennett is refreshing in her positivity and achieves something rare — a how-to book that is funny and entertaining to read, and makes you feel good! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go write an Oscar-winning screenplay. Or clean my room. One of the two — I’ll figure it out.”

— Rachel Dratch, cast member of Saturday Night Live and author of Girl Walks into a Bar…

“Within these pages, artists and nonartists alike will find brilliant, tangible tools to tap into their inner organizing genius. Even when it feels impossible, we all can create bits of time, and Bennett’s strategies put fifteen minutes a day to superb use. This book is going to the top of my resource list for my creative clients.”

— Marney K. Makridakis, author of Creating Time

“Fantastic for creative types of all stripes (actors, songwriters, visual artists, musicians, screenwriters), amateur, preprofessional, or pro- fessional. What Sam Bennett has to share is invaluable.”

— Phil Swann, singer-songwriter, producer, author, and teacher

Praise for Sam Bennett

“Thank you for sharing your expertise at Infusionsoft PartnerCon 2013. In true Sam Bennett style, you brought it! Your presentation was packed full of highly valuable and relevant content. I loved hearing about your $80,000 email, proof that you are unarguably a skilled marketing expert. Thanks for teaching us your successful strategies.”

— Cindy Eagar, Director of Partner Programs at Infusionsoft

“We’ve worked with Sam Bennett several times now — and we’ll do it again. No one can keep us from her. She’s been great at helping us re-energize our internal mission and kick-starting us into a higher gear, all the while keeping it meaningful, productive, and fun.”

— Steve Wochner, creative strategist