– a limited series about unconventional economics –

All you have ever wanted to do was to help people.

You have an innate gift for working with people’s bodies and minds.

This healing work is so easy for you, you kinda feel bad charging for it.

And you could get a j-o-b…

Except that the same sensitivity that makes you such an excellent healer also makes it very difficult for you to sit under fluorescent lights, deal with toxic environments or endure busy work.

So, what’s a smart cookie like you to do?

The first step is to stop devaluing your abilities.

The second step is to realize that there are nice people will happily pay you for your work.

This is both harder and easier than it sounds.


Make a quick list of the skills you have, the way they help and the people who might need that.

For example:

A SKILL I have is: listening

This HELPS: people to hear & know their own truth

A PERSON who might need this is: someone who is in a transition point in their lives (graduating, changing careers, empty nester…)

Another SKILL I have is: sound healing

This HELPS: people relax and feel good without drugs

A PERSON who might need this is: recovering addicts who need a healthy way to de-stress; people who want to relax but don’t like massage

Another SKILL I have is: reiki

This HELPS: calm the mind and improve energetic flow; encourage the body’s natural healing

A PERSON who might need this is: someone who feels like they’ve tried everything & still doesn’t feel well

See – this isn’t too hard, now is it? It’s even kinda fun.

Guess what – this SKILL/HELPS/PERSON structure is the beginning of what they call a business plan.

(And here you thought a business plan had to be some big, long, complicated document with graphs and stuff. Nope.)

I love making this stuff easy.


P.S. This post is part of a limited series exploring the world of business for artists, healers, writers, coaches, creatives, and anyone who thinks they can’t make money doing what they love.

P.P.S. Here’s what I know for sure: taking baby steps like this is the way to grow into your prosperous, sustainable life. Even just 15 minutes a day can take you there. But you’re going to need a supportive community, some solid training in entrepreneurial concepts and some good advice (both practical and spiritual) from someone who’s done it already.

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