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Are you as exhausted by internet marketing hype as I am?

Honestly – if I get one more email promising to show me how it’s so easy to get tons of traffic from Facebook or how to outfox Google or how to organize a three-day webinar that will brainwash attendees into buying everything that’s on offer….

I know we all need to make a living.  Me, especially.  And the good news is that while there is a lot of strained overselling going on, a lot of the information out there is terrific.

There are a lot of really wonderful, smart, good-hearted people sharing deeply valuable information – some for free, some charge, some charge a LOT.

But the fact of the matter is that building a business – any business – is dang hard work.

And being self-employed is a nonstop challenge with a near-vertical learning curve.

So let’s be fair but firm: if you want to learn how to grow your business, you should hook up with the right people and learn from them.

Everything I Know About Creating A Successful Business I Learned From Amy Ahlers

That’s not an overstatement.  Amy’s been one of my closest friends and advisers for over 15 years, and she has blazed the trail for me this whole time.  Seriously – she does stuff and then I just copy her.

Amy is offering a brand-new teleseminar that is dedicated to busting open the myths about internet marketing and telling YOU the TRUTH that you need to know.  Amy’s hilarious and sunshine-y and smart, and she’s partnered with two of the savviest female entrepreneurs I’ve ever known, the dynamic Christine Arylo and the genius-nutty-professor of copy writing, Michelle P-W.

Don’t miss this event!  Register here for free and get immediate access to three great videos DEBUNKING the myths and Big Fat Lies about internet marketing: http://bit.ly/iEoQve

Register and not only can you attend live or via streaming audio on the web, you will also get the recording PLUS you get immediate access to great new videos that break open three common misconceptions and pose really interesting questions for you to answer.

(And yes, of course I’m a Big Fan and an affiliate for this program –  for heaven’s sake, the woman is one of my best friends!  And you know Amy & I were promoting each other’s stuff way before either of us had ever heard of an affiliate program and I don’t imagine we’ll quit doing it any time soon.)

Here’s to your authentic success story!

P.S. Seriously – do yourself a favor and sign up for this free event so that you can break free of the Big Fat Lies about internet marketing and build a business based on the TRUTH: http://bit.ly/iEoQve – xoox Sam.