Is this your $400?

Did you see this report from the Federal Reserve last week?

46% of American adults say they would not be able to cover a $400 emergency expense.

That means most people are leading a veryfinancially precarious life.

And I get it — because that was me, too.

I used to deliver flowers and answer phones and produce radio dramas and teach improv while I was also going to auditions, working on shows and helping to run my theatre company.

I was exhausted and broke pretty much all the time, and every $400 meant the world to me.

But then I figured out HOW, as a creative person, I never needed to struggle with income.

See, we – the creatives of the world – have the magical ability to MAKE THINGS.

You have talents and skills that most people can’t even dream of.

(In fact, that’s sometimes your problem – you’re good at too many things and you can’t decide and you’re easily bored. Me, too. : )

Like my fellow Chicagoans, The Blues Brothers, I am on a MISSION FROM GOD to make sure that creative people have the ways and means to create whatever income they want whenever they need it.

Want a few extra bucks to buy a celebratory bottle of something and splurge on the good olives? Done.

Craving a trip to a far away land and need a few grand for the airfare? No problem.

Want to change your living situation, get a newer car or go back to school? Easy.

I’m going to give you all the tools, strategies, support and insights you need to make true financial freedom happen at The Big Yes:How To Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-Doubt and Make $10,000 (or More!) from Your Creativity.

And to make it sweeter, I’m giving you $400 OFF the ticket price.

That’s a 50% savings!

Plus you can bring a friend for free.

The Big Yes: How To Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-Doubt and Make $10,000 (or More!) from Your Creativity

July 22-24, 2016
Beautiful Los Angeles, CA
use promo code: “HALF” (caSe senSiTive) to save $400 – that’s 50% off!

—> click here to see the video & all the info (or go here: )

1) Buy now and you still have the freedom to change your mind.
I know you may be worried about committing yourself. Not to worry – you can cancel anytime before June 15th and we’ll refund everything (minus a 10% admin fee). That’s fair, right

2) You ARE ready.
Even if you’re not quite sure what your path may be, The Big Yes will give you the divine inspiration & practical tools you need.Here’s what some of last year’s Big Yes’ers have accomplished in just the last 8 months:
  • produced CD
  • published book
  • doubled sales
  • lost 50 lbs (without even trying!)
  • booked speaking engagements
  • assembled a great staff/team
  • sold out 2 retreats in Italy

This is not ordinary goal-setting — because you are not an ordinary person. I’ve got some amazing ways to get you LIT UP and FOCUSED in a whole new way. Guaranteed.

3) The food is super-good.
(Seriously. Good food matters.) The food at the Westin LAX is so good, it’s a big part of the reason we’re returning there this year.

4) Even if you’re gluten-free, dairy-free and  only eat dark chocolate on Tuesdays, you will be able to eat.
If you opt for the Easy Breezy Meal Upgrade (and we really recommend you do, because it’s so convenient to just waltz out of the conference room into the dining room, plus you get to make friends with the other people, plus Sam does some extra teaching stuff sometimes : ) we can accommodate any and all dietary preferences and restrictions.

5) The hotel is super-nice.
The Westin LAX is lovely, and, as it’s name suggests, it is right near the airport and there’s a free shuttle. It is also pretty near some great LA neighborhoods like Venice, Santa Monica and the beach. The staff is especially kind and attentive.

6) We have SO much fun!
Need proof? Please check out the video — make sure you see the special appearance by the monster! heehee.

7) Is it a big pitch-fest?
Nope. There will be a few things for sale at this event, but it’s all cool stuff. And there will be absolutely zero high-pressure sales pitches, because that kind of thing makes me break out into hives.

8) You can bring a friend FOR FREE.
Just put down a $99 deposit so we know to save a chair and we’ll return that money to you at registration. It’s so great to share this work with a trusted friend, partner or team member. (You can even bring MULTIPLE friends if you want…)

9) You guys — it’s ME! Your old pal Sam.
You know about my background in theatre and comedy, and about my award-winning marketing skills and how I’m an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and Reseller, and about the Get It Done Book and about the NEW book that’s coming out in the fall and how I got them to DOUBLE my advance….You know I’ve got tons of great stories and jokes and that I’ll make sure you get what you need.

10) We got a GUARANTEED LOWEST RATE at the hotel. (No Internet rate will be cheaper. You get the best deal possible.)
Once you get your ticket, you’ll be able to book your room at the Westin LAX at a rock-bottom rate with our event code. No worries.

This HALF OFF offer expires on Sunday, June 5th, so you’ll want to book your ticket (and one for your friend!) right away. —> click here to see the video & all the info
(or go here: )

Use promo code: “HALF” (caSe senSiTive) to save $400.

I never want $400 – or any amount of money – to stand between you and your best life ever again.


P.S. I’m THRILLED by how quickly the tickets are flying out the door for The Big Yes. We’re for sure going to sell out this year. I guess since this is our 4th year, the word is getting out about how exceptional the teaching, coaching and breakthroughs are….and you know I’d love to see you there. – S.

What’s Better Then Best?

What’s Better Then Best?

You know how it is when you work on something for a long time and then it ends up being so much better than you ever could have imagined?

Well, that’s what happened at The Big Big Yes.

The insights and A-HAs and the laughter and the friendship and the food and the tears of joy and recognition…were off the charts.

We had an extraordinary time.

Here are some of the comments (I pulled them off of the 365 Club Facebook page, so they are deliberately without attribution – thanks for understanding)

“It was Ah—–MAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“What an AMAZING weekend! It has impacted my life in ways I can’t even speak of…”

“Thank you so much for The Big Big Yes! Samantha Bennett, Leonore Tjia, all of my fellow attendees, and the rest of the team were terrific. Through the whole process, my disparate pieces came together at last to form a coherent vision on which I can form a plan and move forward…”

“Gratitude for being here at The Big Big Yes. Surrounded by so many brave and talented people! Finding my own courage to go with ideas that came out of the blue. Excited for a future that I am willing to let unfold…”

Now Accepting Applications for The Creative Genius CEO Program

To keep this great work going, I am starting a new 10-month session of the Creative Genius, CEO Program.

This is a small-group, intensive program with weekly calls and two live retreats designed especially for the creative entrepreneur.

There’s no sales page or website about it — I’ve always just filled this program easily and quietly.

And it’s not for everyone.

I’ll be doing a preview webinar about it next week so you can find out more —

But if you already know that you’re interested you can go ahead and fill out the quick application HERE:

Then you’ll get invited to schedule a zero-obligation 15-minute conversation with us to see if it’s a good fit.

(And truly – it’s JUST a conversation. Nothing sales-y. This is a small program and it’s already half-filled – there’s no room for anyone who’s not a perfect fit, you know?)

Remember: The World Needs Your Art.


Time To Put On The Rock Star Coat

Wondering how to balance a global mission and a humble heart?
How to handle all those pesky compliments?
What to do when you don’t really believe you’re all that great but you still need to promote yourself?

Yep. Me, too.

Plus I got this inquiry the other day:

Hi Sam,

Thanks for yesterday’s call – it was really inspiring.

You said that your big challenge had been visibility, and “putting on your rock star coat” (I loved that image). That’s exactly what I struggle with – coming out from hiding.

I’d love to hear more about how you stepped out into the light – if there’s specific steps you took, how you coped with the emotional backlash of being more seen etc. Also the spiritual tension of humility v reaching for the stars…

Thanks again!

Best wishes,


So I created the following call — please feel free to listen, download and share it — no registration required.

You’ll find out why you must:

1) Be a unicorn.

2) Be a rose.

3) Be gracious.

4) Be the department store Santa

5) Be 1% more present.

6) Be YOU.

7) Be an open, spiritually-centered vessel for money, success and praise.


“Just what I needed to hear today as I prep for the BIG YES! Thanks. You mentioned so many things that shoot right to the heart of my worries.” – G.A.

“Hi Sam! This was a GREAT call.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge!” – R.C.


So…what do you think?

Are you willing to start using your magical powers for good?


P.S. I make a few references to my upcoming event

The Big Yes: How To Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-Doubt and Make Money from Your Creativity
June 20-23, 2013
San Diego, CA

and there’s still a few tickets available — if you’re interested you can find out more here: — Thanks!