2 of 7: I’m Too Wordy…

YAY! Here’s #2 of the “7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money & Keeping You From The Success You Deserve” article as derived from the free on-demand webinar that Wes Schaeffer & did the other day —


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I’m Too Wordy…

Well, honey, it’s tempting to just say, “Use fewer words” : ) But that’s not really the issue, now is it?

One part of the issue is that you want to tell everybody everything about your work right away.

Think Of It This Way: A “Sales Funnel” Is What Takes You From First Glance To Marriage

If you imagine that you look across a crowded room and make eye contact with someone who looks interesting to you, then you would find a way to strike up a conversation, right?

And you wouldn’t start the conversation by giving them every last detail about where you grew up, would you?

Of course not – that would be weird.

You would start the conversation by saying something like, “Hi.”

  And then you might give them a compliment or offer to buy them a drink or make some pithy observation.

Same thing goes for potential clients: begin the conversation in a way that demonstrates that you are genuinely interested in them.

But there’s more to it, isn’t there?

The marketing conundrum of 2012: people have short attention spans but they still need to be convinced, persuaded and soothed.

So you need to use as many words as necessary to convey a feeling of confidence in your prospects, but no more.

(In other words, shut up when they are ready to buy…but how do you know?)

So try using VISUAL CUES to break up long copy into shorter, more easily understood segments.

For example, you might create an email or sales page that has:

  • A compelling headline (bold) that piques their interest
  • A fantastic opening paragraph
  • An image that supports your text
  • A caption under the image that makes a point or encourages an action
  • Several sub-headers (bold, colorful) that break up the text


One of the participants on the “7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money & Keeping You From The Success You Deserve” noticed that it was just like creating a magazine article — brilliant!  YES!

Here’s the logic:

The most-read parts of any document are 1) The headline 2) The opening paragraph 3) The image  4) The captions  5) Sub-headers

Taking the time to make these elements intriguing pays off when you remember:

No one reads anything – they only LOOK at it.

So making those elements really groovy will help your reader determine – at first glance – whether they should go back and actually read the rest or not.

This gives you the punch of “short copy” combined with the detail of “long copy.”

Find this helpful?  Here’s how to get more…

You deserve to have your business be financially sustainable, values-driven and joyful. Not easy, mind you – but joyful.

And improving your copy writing is the NUMBER ONE key to your success.


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So You Wanna Write A Book? (with Lisa Tener)

So You Wanna Write A Book? (with Lisa Tener)

WOW – I have never done a free call where so many people had so many questions about book writing, publishing and marketing…clearly, this is HOT : ) And while the wonderful Book Coach Lisa Tener (www.LisaTener.com) and I tried to answer as many questions as we could in the 60-minute call, we wanted to see if we could cover even more ground… So for this week, Lisa & I will be answering questions on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BringYourBookToLife?sk=wall#!/BringYourBookToLife (link doesn’t work?  search for, “Lisa Tener: Bring Your Book To Life) Here’s some of the nice feedback we received during the call —

“Awesome teleconference. Thank you. [Samantha] and Lisa are absolutely wonderful; the wisdom you shared fell upon very attentive ears. I am reignited! Thank you again.” – Angela O.

“GREAT call with Samantha Bennett [and Lisa Tener] today about publishing. The call fortified my resolve to get the book out there right now…all of them!” – Anna S.

“Great info in small time frame. Good work!” – Brian L.

Here’s the downloadable recording – let me know what you think! (Click on the player to listen now, or right-click (or for Mac users, “control”-click) and select “Save As” to save the MP3 to your desktop.)