I know. You don’t want to sound sales-y.

You feel weird “promoting” your work.

You’d really rather just DO your work & have someone else take care of the marketing.

I know.

But odds are there isn’t anyone else to hand the marketing off to, and even if there were, that person isn’t going to know or care nearly as much about your work as you do.

So let’s play with the vocabulary a bit and see if that helps.

What if you thought of marketing this way:

Marketing Is Making Friends With People You Don’t Know Are Your Friends Yet

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to market to everybody.

You just have to market to the people who are ALREADY INTERESTED in your work.

And guess what? Those people probably already share your values.

So – right now – make a quick list of the VALUES that are most important to you & your work.

For example, the values of The Organized Artist Company are:





Good Humor & Fun

Next time you need to write a bio or an email or a sales page or an email or whatever, run it past your values & make sure it’s a match. This will help insure that you are using the words & phrases that accurately reflect what you do. It will also ATTRACT the perfect clients & customers right to your door.

Honey, You Are On A Mission

You do the work you do because you know it helps people and you love it.

That love, that desire to help and those values that you just wrote down add up to more than creative entrepreneurship.

They add up to a mission.

And when you are on a mission, you are going to be pulled & stretched & challenged & celebrated & pushed waaaaay out of your comfort zone. Be ready for that.

You may not want to market your business, but you can learn to do it well and may even grow to LOVE it. (I do!)

Finally, consider this aphorism:

If No One Is Complaining About Your Marketing, Then You Are Not Doing Enough Marketing

You deserve to have your business be financially sustainable, values-driven and joyful. Not easy, mind you – but joyful.

And improving your copy writing is the NUMBER ONE key to your success.


I’ve partnered up with my good friend Wes Schaeffer from www.TheSalesWhisperer.com – he’s an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant & he’s a full-on, small-business genius with a GREAT sense of humor – everyone says we make a great team : )

So you’re invited to check out our Free Preview Event – called “7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money”

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It’s a free webinar for creative entrepreneurs, frustrated small business people…

and YOU if you know that if only your…

– web pages

– bios (don’t you HATE writing Bios? We’ll show you the EASY way!)

– blog posts

– product descriptions

– social media posts (what are you supposed to say on Twitter? Really?)

– press releases

– emails (like this one!)

…were more authentic & more compelling, then you could SELL MORE STUFF, which would mean you would be helping more people! (Which is why we do all this, right?)

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

– You want to promote your business…but you get tongue-tied when people ask you what you do.

– You would love to Blog and Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest & whatever… but you’re not really sure what to say.

– You know your web pages are old & boring…but the idea of redoing it all makes you want to go lay down.

– You’re a creative entrepreneur who’s over-worked.

– You’ve got 37 ideas, a bunch of new projects and plus there’s your actual business…and then there’s the family and the kids and… good heavens, you don’t have the TIME to write new copy!

– You’re ready for financial success and you don’t have time to screw around. You need real answers from experts who really GET IT.

– You are ready to learn a NEW way to write copy that’s easy, fun and…wait for it…. PROFITABLE.

Then this event is for you!

Here’s what people said about it:

“so down to earth, and so real, and are SO encouraging!” – D.D., California

“That was very helpful! Thanks, you two 🙂 ” – R.P., Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoy your laser sharp humor as well as succinct comments and great insights. Always inspirational and instructive.” – C. D., Washington

7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money
(and how to fix them WITHOUT having to hire an expensive copywriter)

with Small Business Experts

Wes Schaeffer & Samantha Bennett

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I’ve been in the trenches & learned a lot about small business marketing in the past bunch of years and I’m thrilled to have this chance to share my insights with you.


But if they never hear about it, they can’t benefit from it, right?

Please join me & my pal Wes on this Really Useful Webinar —

—–> Watch or download the free preview event here
(or paste this link into your browser window: http://bit.ly/WRNVIP2)

And please let me know how things are going with you – you know I love to hear from you!

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