1. You have a system for everything. For example, laundry gets sorted by color but also by weight because heavy things take longer to dry. You can parallel park anywhere, thanks to your system of always using the Pythagorean Theorem. Your system for eating breakfast means that you always end up with the exact right size bit of toast left for swiping up the last of the eggs. And you get a little freaked out when you realize that some people just do those things all willy-nilly and off the cuff.
  2. You love to make lists. And you feel no shame about putting things on the list that you have already done, just for the supreme satisfaction of being able to cross it off immediately.
  3. You get anxious if you’re not sure of the dress code. So you might make a few calls ahead of time, and you might even put an extra shirt plus a different pair of shoes in the car, just so you have options.
  4. You enjoy creating a “go” bag. You enjoy the challenge of thinking through exactly what you might need in the unlikely event of, say, an earthquake, and putting together the perfect emergency kit, which includes canned goods and a first aid kit, of course, but also some cash in small bills, copies of your insurance forms and a book of crossword puzzles to fight boredom while you’re waiting to be rescued.
  5. Buying airline tickets is an all-afternoon event. Weighing the various pros and cons of which airline, which airport, which flight and which seat is a delicate and time-consuming process that you would never, ever entrust to someone else. 
  6. You’ve seen the study that shows that some people do not have a voice inside their heads, and that totally freaks you out. I mean – really? Really?!?!? I can’t even.
  7. You secretly believe that numbers have personalities. Twos are friendly, sevens are mean and eight is like that older guy who always wants to give you a hug. Ammiright?
  8. You still feel bad about that thing you said eight years ago. And you also feel bad about the thing you didn’t say last week. And then there’s the thing you said at Christmas, and it was fine, but now you’ve thought of an even better way to express yourself and you wish you had a time machine so you could go back and have the conversation all over again.
  9. You would never in a million years steal anything…but you do catch yourself figuring out HOW a person might steal from almost every store you walk into. What can you say? Your mind lingers on larceny. You might also have worked out how to plan the perfect murder, but we’re not talking about that, are we?
  10. When someone says, “Can’t you just relax and enjoy this?” you have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.


NOTE: All this overthinking (or as some of us call it, just good common sense) can be a sign that you are a Highly Creative Person. Take the quiz HERE to find your creativity quotient right now. 


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