Here’s Reason #2 why Procrastination Is Genius In Disguise:

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We discussed in yesterday’s email about how Procrastination is your friend, because it is really just a REMINDER about your DESIRE.

After all this time, you are still thinking about it. It hasn’t fallen away like some things do.

That’s great! When your desire for a project stands the test of time, that’s great!

And here’s another way Procrastination Is Genius – and this is the Disguise part – once you get underneath all that blame and nagging, you have all the information you need to move forward.

The desire itself contains within it all the information about what your next move should be (more on this when we get to Reason #7).

We just have to quiet the mind a bit in order to hear the answer.

Here’s an example: Susan’s Unfinished Book

Susan wants to finish the book she started writing three years ago. When she began the project she wrote like wildfire, but then she started to falter. Then her daughter fell ill, so Susan dropped the project altogether to care for her over the next few months. Next thing you know, her daughter has fully recovered and Susan’s got 150 pages gathering dust.

Every day Susan berates herself for having put the project down.

Every day she re-runs old mental tapes about how she should have done things differently and how it’s probably too late now.

Every day she picks at herself, going back and forth about whether her book was ever even a good idea to begin with.

Self-Doubt Can Be Paralyzing

Here’s what I notice: all that self-doubt is paralyzing.

And unless Susan finds some peace around what’s already transpired with her book, she’s going to have a hard time moving forward.

So let’s pause our story here and focus on that for a moment. Let’s get beyond all the eye-rolling and recriminations and self-blame and see if we can’t get to the TRUTH of what’s been going on here.

Peaceful Thought: It Just Hasn’t Been The Right Time

What I know is true is this: You haven’t moved forward on your projects yet because it hasn’t been the right time.

Maybe it hasn’t been the right time because of life circumstance (like having a baby or a health issue or a money issue) or maybe it hasn’t been the right time because you haven’t been ready (you didn’t know enough, spiritual development, that mysterious “right moment” thing) or maybe you’ve needed to wait for some technology to be invented, or you’ve needed to wait for the right people or the right partner.

But whatever the reason: it just hasn’t been the right time.

And I know that for a fact because if it had been the right time, you would have done it.

So let that sink in and think about how that might be true for you: Up to now, it just hasn’t been the right time.

Even say it out loud to yourself: “Up to now, it just hasn’t been the right time.”

Maybe make some notes about what you notice about this concept in relationship to your own project.



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