How would you like to have the power to gather 50 of the top people in your field for a whole weekend by sending just one email?

How quickly could you grow if you were real friends with the biggest movers and shakers in your community?

Would you like to be considered a trusted advisor and authority in your tribe?

And how about if you could do that while still being your own silly, funny, smart, genuine self?

My bestie-best friend, Carol Allen, has managed to do all of the above with ease and grace, and she’s agreed to tell you her never-before shared secrets.

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Free Monthly Expert Call
The Magical Power of The Tribe
with “The Godmother of the Love Mafia” herself, Carol Allen
Tuesday, March 14
12noon PT/3pm ET/7pm GMT/6am+1 day AEDT

In her real life, Carol is one of the world’s foremost Vedic Astrologer and has one of the most successful love/relationship coaching brands in the internet marketing space. Her emails are read avidly by her tens of thousands of eager readers who love her quippy, fun, girlfriend-to-girlfriend style and wise advice.

But in THIS EXPERT CALL, Carol will be revealing to us the secrets of how she became the Godmother of the Love Mafia.

She’s tell us:
– how she’s managed to become best friends with her “competitors”
– how she creates a loyal, loving community of experts who adore helping one another
– how she entices people to drive 90 minutes or more (in LA traffic!) just to be at one of her parties

ALL without being pushy, weird or bossy.

Everyone loves these Monthly Expert Calls because it’s just me and the friends I adore sharing the REAL STORY behind our strategies, successes and gawd-awful failures.

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