The following is a list of things that, done every day, are guaranteed to change your life.

 Which will you pick?

  1. Prayer/Meditation/Breathing
  2. Playing an instrument/Making music
  3. Stretching
  4. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  5. Meal prep (prep a smoothie or a salad or a nice soup…)
  6. Clear 5 items from your closet
  7. Set up automatic withdrawals to savings, investments, IRA, charitable donations, etc
  8. Review subscriptions, credit card bills and auto-debits (to make sure you’re not paying for things you’re not using)
  9. Pat, play with or otherwise communicate with the animals in your life
  10. Take a walk
  11. Call your BFF for no reason
  12. Write a book
  13. Update LinkedIn or other professional profile
  14. Update CV or resume
  15. Reach out to old colleagues
  16. Social media for your side hustle
  17. Self-massage/Acupressure/Reiki/Fascia release
  18. Read poetry
  19. Gardening
  20. Write a love note
  21. Write a thank-you note
  22. Check in with a young person
  23. Clutter clear part of a drawer or shelf
  24. Spend an extra 15 minutes on your appearance
  25. Study another religion
  26. Read Shakespeare aloud
  27. Watch Ted Talks
  28. Coloring/Doodling/Zentangles
  29. Daily Self-Portrait
  30. Needlework/Mending
  31. Clear old files
  32. Daily orgasm
  33. Clear a bit of the basement/spare room/garage
  34. Calligraphy/Handlettering
  35. Listen to music
  36. Review finances
  37. Ask for a testimonial or referral
  38. Give a testimonial or referral
  39. Learn a language
  40. Genealogy research
  41. Gratitude List
  42. Cold plunge


Now, here’s the rub – you’re not going to do this, are you?


Even though you know that picking just ONE THING from this list and spending 15 minutes a day on it could change everything for you….


You won’t do it because you will allow yourself to get distracted….lose focus….let other people’s stuff take priority…find some other way to psych yourself out.




So you need a NEW SYSTEM.


Which is why we created the Get It Done Lab: a 90 Day Productivity Sprint. 


  • You get to spend 15 minutes a day on your work – and there’s a daily accountability check-in if you want.
  • You get the Real Life Planner sent to your door – to keep all the cats herded.
  • You get 21 Days to Get Out of Your Own Way Audio Program – to adjust your mindset.
  • You get two live sessions a month with me – to dig deeper into your transformation.
  • You get a private FB group – if you want to connect with the community.
  • You get the JOY of watching yourself grow and change incrementally – and by leaps and bounds
  • You get to see the RESULTS of spending just 15 minutes a day for 90 days on something that’s meaningful to you.


Please check it out at and see if it’s for you.


We start SOON – please join us.

Yep. This is going to be fun.


Sam’s Get it Done Lab has helped me to blow past some serious creative blocks and fall in love with the process. The process is now lifting me rather than crushing me. Thanks Sam! I can’t wait for the next session to start. – Beth Jaffe


I am super excited and happy about the shift that is already occurring in me with the little I have done already…. – Jodi Johnson


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to take part in Sam’s Get It Done Lab because except from great advice from the rockstar herself, it’s a perfect way to get consistency in continuously being exposed to thinking/working on your projects – and in the most friendliest cheerleading mategroup. – Roosi

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