You wake up in the night.


You turn your pillow to the cool side.

Reassured…you sleep again.

And yet in the day, you are agitated.

Bothered by the feeling that you are meant to be more than you are.

Contradicted by the feeling that you cannot be more than you are.


Desiring and ashamed of desiring.

Talented and ashamed of talent.

Loving and ashamed of love.

You see those who share their works more freely and you think, “Well, it must have been easier for them.”




It was not easier for them.

It is not easier for me.

It will not become easier for you.

There is no magical moment in which you will suddenly feel more confident, more secure, more approved of, or more certain.

You will always feel at least 49% uncertain.

This is the sign that you are up to something good.

P.S. Highly Creative People, or "HCP's" as I like to call us, are the most underutilized resource on the planet. Together we can change that because the world needs our unique talents and genius, and there's no time to waste.

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