Lately, all you hear is “I don’t know what’s happening. I’m so uncertain. I don’t want to commit because of all the uncertainty.”

You know what? This is not a new level of uncertainty.

The world has always been this uncertain. Ask anyone who’s had a sudden life event, positive or negative. It was always uncertain- we just allowed ourselves to believe that it wasn’t. We just put the padding of schedule and ritual around us so that we could believe that, “Oh, yes, I’ll be around to go to an event in November.”

Oh yes, I’ll have plenty of money to do X, Y, or Z, or to go on this trip or to do this thing. And then, a bomb goes off. An illness strikes, somebody has a baby, you get promoted in your job, your business doubles, all kinds of things happen.

I’m thinking about this fact that that everybody’s sort of walking around, wringing their hands about the certainty issue, when there has never been any certainty. And now we’re just being made more aware of the fact that we’ve never had any certainty. Well, we just need resiliency. Right? You need the ability to bounce back.

Put the time in to manage your thinking, to deal with your feelings, to take ownership of your life, to take a hundred percent responsibility for everything that’s happening. You have to respond to it and you are a hundred percent responsible for how you respond to this external thing. I do not believe we create the circumstances in our lives. It makes me kind of mad when people are like, Oh, I manifested that, Oh, you must’ve brought that to you.

I think the question, how am I a match for this? What resonates for me about this? That’s helpful. But sometimes shit just happens. One of the things that all this self-help work, all this personal development work, all this spiritual development work that I’ve spent my entire adult life doing (and even as a kid) has to do with building resiliency.

It’s not that I’m any less sensitive than I was. It’s not that I’m any less emotional. It’s not that I have less depression or less anxiety. I just bounce back from it quicker. It doesn’t drag me down as deep and I’m able to bounce back more quickly.

It’s the same thing in business. You don’t launch a business thinking you’re going to do everything perfectly. You make a thousand mistakes every day- that’s not even an exaggeration probably. But, your ability to bounce back from it, to keep going to move past it, to turn it into an advantage- that says there will always be more money.

There’s an infinite amount of money in the world. I guess if we started to count, we would eventually stop counting, but for our purposes, it’s infinite- infinite number of ideal clients, infinite amount of money, infinite amount of opportunities.

So you don’t need certainty. You need resiliency.

If I were going to give you one piece of advice, it’s cultivate your resiliency, release those old grudges. Do whatever you gotta do to get over your old stuff. You got to grow your bounce back muscles.

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