A Prayer for the Strong

A Prayer for the Strong

After weeks and weeks of barely being able to write at all, I woke up yesterday at 5am with this:

A Prayer for the Strong

You come to God willing to be an
equal partner. 60-40, even.

“I’ll do the work,” you pray, “Just
show me where to go.”

And you are careful to pray more for
others than for yourself.

And you never, ever complain.

You really try to keep your requests
concise: Serenity. Courage. Wisdom.

But deep within there is the cry of
an anguished teenager, a broken-hearted
child, a damsel in distress.

Perhaps withholding your tantrum isn’t
doing God – or you – or the world –
any favors.

Perhaps you don’t need to fold your desire away
like cotton panties in a drawer.

Perhaps you could stand there, naked, tear-stained,
helpless – allowing raw grace to descend
upon your weary soul.

©2020 – S. Bennett

I hope this finds you well.

Stay #CalmKindCreative



By The Way, You Look Really Great Today

For the Kids

For the Kids

So this week I’ve been hosting a little poetry seminar for my niece (age 12) and my nephew (age 10). We get together on FaceTime each day, and we read a poem together and talk about it. Very casual, and a fun way to connect with them.

Yesterday, my niece suggested that we each try to write a poem, and she suggested the theme of “Change.”

Game on.

So here’s what I wrote:

For the Kids

I didn’t notice this morning
Or even this afternoon
Dinner seemed just regular
But now by the light of the moon

I see that you are different
Much taller than you were.
And something in your eyes –
You seem much more mature.

There’s growing up that’s going on
I’m getting older, too
And what I wouldn’t give for
One more moment with baby you.

© S. Bennett

I gave myself all the #AuntieFeels with this – it totally puddles me up – and I’m happy to share it with you.

Feel free to post it or forward it or pass it around in whatever way feels good. (Just keep the attribution, please : )

Also – I highly recommend poetry writing as a stress-management technique.

Even just a few minutes spent playing around with words calms me down, you know?

Stay #CalmKindCreative.


By The Way, You Look Really Great Today


drop drop drop
drop what you have been holding
drop what you have been holding
drop the idea that you are confused
drop the idea that you are broke
drop the idea that there is any part of you that is unlovable or unnecessary
drop it
set it down
set your burden down
set down your grief
set down your aloneness
set down your your stubbornness
sit down on the side of the road
set your bundles down next to you like cats just sit there
don’t do
don’t rush
don’t have a thought
feel your heartbeat
feel the breath go in and out of you
feel how you are supported in this very moment
there is nothing you need that you don’t have in this very moment
there is nothing that is not possible for you
don’t do
don’t rush
stop thinking
be on the side of the road
set your burdens down
maybe there’s some more that have popped up
take them off of you
you can pick them back up later
just set them down for now
set down your identity
set down your desire to be liked
set down the frantic need to be approved of
set down the idea that there is any lack or absence or shortage of anything anywhere

feel your heart beat feel your breath
feel the air on your skin
feel gravity
become aware again of the net
feel yourself as part an inextricable and critical part of this whole
stop fighting
we love you and you’re doing great
let your hands be loose
stay don’t wander
stay don’t rush to answers
stay in this moment
stay in not knowing
feel the forgiveness for not knowing
it’s like a rain comes down and washes the dust off of you
you are warm and safe
you are needed and loved
you are perfect whole and complete
there is nothing wrong with you
and your ego will fight that
do you see it throwing its little tantrum
you say “I love you ego, you are loved and you’re doing great”
so together we gather in this circle
sitting down by the side of the road
with our burdens and our stories and our excuses
the same 57 negative thoughts
that we have been thinking since we were twelve
we have set aside for now

you seek transformation
you are in the place of transformation
you seek a new life
you are in the place of a new life
you can relax
you’ve made it
congratulations you found it
you can stay like this
this is the real world
this is the real world



The above is a partial transcript of the spiritual improvisation I did on April 14, 2018. The full improv may be accessed from this page.

A spiritual improvisation and free teaching with bestselling author Sam Bennett.

Even the Stars Fall

Even the Stars Fall

Here’s a short reflection on life’s ups and downs written during a bit of a low point this past fall. I find it oddly comforting.

Even the stars fall.

Ascension is not better.

Descending is not worse.

Depth is good.

And the ride down is a breeze

As soon as you stop telling yourself that it’s not.

The ride up can be breezy, too

As soon as you drop the story about

The ladder and the struggle.

In fact, maybe it’s you who is

Standing still

with the Universe orbiting your perfect self.

The Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye


The Isle of Skye

What if there was
another you who lived on the Isle of Skye?

And what if, in the soft light of that
other home,
you forgot to think the thoughts
that hold you back?

What if, in the mist,
you knew all,
you forgave all,
and you remembered to be
oh so gentle with yourself?

What if you, on the Isle of Skye,
could just breathe,
wearing a warm sweater
and half a smile?

And what if your heart’s own work just flowed out of you –
lipping in between the endless hills and endless sea – a balm unto the world?

© 2014 Samantha Bennett