Dear Sam,

I have a million ideas in my head and I get excited every time I think of another one. I want to act on that idea right away and then I have half-finished projects.

A lot of them do come to fruition and that’s exciting and I’d like to make more of them a reality. I’m loving the mind – mapping. I’m only on Session 2.

Every time I touch into in your work, I get energized and inspired, so maybe some of these tools will help.

Blessings & Love,


Beth McKinnon, CPCC
NowBeth Empowerment Coaching

Dear Beth,

Thank you so much for writing! I think this issue of FOCUS is huge for people – it’s been coming up a lot lately – so I think you speak for many with this question. Thanks for letting me adapt it for this post.

OK, first of all – make sure you’re writing all your good ideas down as soon as they come to you. Keep them in a file or notebook labeled “Pure Fabulousness” or “Genius!” or “Beth’s Brilliant Ideas” or something fun like that.

Writing them down will help keep them from just bonging around your head taking up valuable real estate and will also lessen any anxiety you may have around them.

Also, I would start to revel in your plethora of ideas. Rather than categorize yourself as someone who’s often distracting herself, think of yourself as a non-stop genius idea factory. Of COURSE you have a million ideas – that’s just how you roll.

And you can feel confident that not every single idea needs to be acted upon. Certainly not right away, anyway. And certainly not by you alone.

We’ll be working with some more prioritizing tools in the coming weeks of Get It Done Workshop, but for now, maybe creating a short list of questions to ask yourself before embarking on a new project might be useful.

You’ll come up with your own, of course, but here are a few I thought of:

1) How much time do I estimate this project might take?
2) What’s the budget for this project?
3) What do I expect to get from accomplishing this project?
4) Am I the right person to execute this project?
5) Is now the right time for this project?

I’m so glad the course is benefiting you – please stay in touch and let me know what happens!