What is your superpower?

Don’t try to think of an answer. Just sort of let it bubble up, and if nothing bubbles up that’s okay. Something may bubble up later this afternoon or tomorrow morning and in the shower. You know how these things are, you sort of plant the seed and then you bat your eyes and something happens.

So answer the question, what is your super power? You’ll notice your super power is not something you’ve been taught- it’s a natural gift, right? It’s a talent or skill that you were born with. You were like this when you were little, you were like this when you were a teenager. Now you’re a grown up person and the way your super power shows up may be different.

You may have sophisticated your use of it, but it is part of you and it is never going away. It is what you bring into every room you come into. So my question for you is, are you leaning into it? Are you leaning in to your superpower in whatever venue you have to lean into it?

-Are you bringing it with you to work?

-Are you bringing it with you into your family situations?

-Are you bringing it with you into your personal relationships?

-Are you bringing it with you into your relationship with yourself as you try to motivate yourself?

-As you criticize yourself, can you bring your superpower to light to interrupt that personal communication?

-Are you making money from it? Because honestly, this super power you have is the thing you can charge the most for.

You might be thinking- this thing that’s my super power. So easy. It feels weird to charge for it. No, no, this is the thing you can charge the most for because you have a natural facility for it. You process more quickly. It’s easy and fun for you. You can do it with almost unfailing energy.

If I woke you up at three in the morning and said, “Hey, Hey, Hey, you know, we need you to do this thing.”

You’d be like, “yeah, I’m coming. I’m coming.” Right? Because you love doing it because you’re great at it. If there’s a way to put a price tag on it, do so.

Do so because you do it better than everybody else. And you may feel like, well, this is obvious. This is stupid. Everybody can do this.

Oh, no, they can’t. They absolutely cannot.

Just lean into it. Let the ideas sort of follow you around like a balloon today. See if you can notice what other people’s superpowers are, what are the things they bring into every room they come into?

Back to your superpower- are you leaning into it? Are you charging for it? Are you sharing it? Are you talking about it?

Is it on your about page? Is it in your bio? Is it your sign off on your emails? Is it your tagline? Is it a conversation starter?

My mentor/friend,/teacher/work-husband, Sam Christensen, used to talk about this a lot. We did a lot of work on personal branding together. And Sam would say, “you know that when you lean into the truth of who you are, the charismatic light bulb goes on.” It’s true. It’s not bragging.

We know it’s true. When you say it, we feel it. And, it’s the same way you can tell when somebody says something that’s not true about themselves. And you’re like, “Hmm, that doesn’t really land for me.” You get a little suspicious right away. You’re like, “you may think that about yourself, but you’re not really like that.”

But when it’s true, you’re like, “Ugh, you are like that. Oh, I can see it.”

One of the ways to respond to failures, disappointment, discouragement criticism is with your superpower, right? So, lean into your superpower and bring it with you wherever you go.


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