Some things are easy and some things are hard, but not always in the way you might expect.

  • Fast food seems easy, but in the long run, it is very hard on your system.
  • Not saying, “Hi” to clerks, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers might seem easy (the rationale being something like, “just keep your head down – you don’t really know them – no need to get involved in a long conversation…”) but ultimately it is much harder to live in a world in which everyone is a stranger.
  • Working out is hard, but it’s easier than the loss of self-esteem that comes with feeling weak.
  • Hosting dinner parties seems much harder than not hosting dinner parties, but maintaining strong social ties with the people you care most about will make your life much, much easier overall.  Plus it gives you a great reason to clean your house, which seems hard but, once the joint is clean seems wonderfully easy.
  • Putting off working on the projects that matter most to you (completing your writing project, organizing your sewing room, making that baby present, creating that one-person show, launching that online magazine, clearing out your basement, returning to your watercolors, finding the time to meditate…) sort of seems easier – which is why we sometimes characterize this putting off as “laziness” – but it actually causes you great pain.  Psychic pain, spiritual pain, artistic pain, pain in your self-respect, pain around your legacy…And that pain is HARD.

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