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Do you notice that you find time to get everything done for everybody else every single day, but that the projects that matter most to you, the ones that would really make a difference in your life often don’t even make it onto the list. It’s time to change that. Starting today, I want you to set aside just 15 minutes today for you to do a little work on the project that matters most to you.

It may not matter to anybody else, but if it lights you up and warms your heart. Then do it. Whether it’s doing something artistic like writing or drawing or playing an instrument, or maybe it’s something physical like stretching or working out or going for a walk, or maybe it’s meditation and prayer.

Whatever you love, spend just 15 minutes on it today and see if your whole day doesn’t improve because your creativity matters every single day.

So lean into your zone of creative genius today because your creativity matters every single day.