So this week I’ve been hosting a little poetry seminar for my niece (age 12) and my nephew (age 10). We get together on FaceTime each day, and we read a poem together and talk about it. Very casual, and a fun way to connect with them.

Yesterday, my niece suggested that we each try to write a poem, and she suggested the theme of “Change.”

Game on.

So here’s what I wrote:

For the Kids

I didn’t notice this morning
Or even this afternoon
Dinner seemed just regular
But now by the light of the moon

I see that you are different
Much taller than you were.
And something in your eyes –
You seem much more mature.

There’s growing up that’s going on
I’m getting older, too
And what I wouldn’t give for
One more moment with baby you.

© S. Bennett

I gave myself all the #AuntieFeels with this – it totally puddles me up – and I’m happy to share it with you.

Feel free to post it or forward it or pass it around in whatever way feels good. (Just keep the attribution, please : )

Also – I highly recommend poetry writing as a stress-management technique.

Even just a few minutes spent playing around with words calms me down, you know?

Stay #CalmKindCreative.


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