We, the people of a grillion ideas, do solemnly declare that as of today, we are officially in service to the world.

No longer will we let our fear, insecurity, procrastination and self-doubt keep us from sharing our work.

Our imagination is at your disposal.

Our innovation is yours to use.

Our stories and jokes and songs and teachings and puzzles and solutions are, as of now, available upon request.

We aren’t going to worry about what you think any more.

You need us too much.

We are going to take our secret passions and multiple areas of expertise and share them without worrying about what our fucking niche is.

We are going to give voice to the truth in our hearts, without feeling concerned that the world won’t get it, because we know the ones who need to hear, will hear.

We are going to haul our inventions, our stories, our screenplays, our paintings, our musings, our poetry, our architectural drawings, our compositions and our “oh, this old thing – that’s just a little hobby” doo-dads and whatnots out of the closet.

And into the world.

Where our work can heal the world in the same way that it has always healed us.

(Look – we were the weird kids. We get that. And maybe we’ve held a bit of a grudge. Now we can see that in this life, everyone gets the same amount of pain. We didn’t have it worse. You didn’t have it easier. We have all struggled to make it to here.)

Now there is no more time for divisiveness. We are here to celebrate that which is best, brightest and most humble about the human spirit.

I pledge my heart and soul to greater good of all concerned.

I offer my brain, my ideas and the work of my hands to the world.

I am willing to charge for my work, or not, and willing to be criticized or celebrated or both.

And whatever happens, I will stay #calmkindandcreative

Fear doesn’t get to run things anymore.

Only love.

We are here to love and be loved.

For love is all there is.

© 2020 S. Bennett

How do you do #CalmKindCreative during times of stress, uncertainty and upheaval?

Share in the comments below.

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P.S. Highly Creative People, or "HCP's" as I like to call us, are the most underutilized resource on the planet. Together we can change that because the world needs our unique talents and genius, and there's no time to waste.

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