Today we’re going to look at the brand-new, fresh-off-the-presses lead magnet from the International Institute for Facilitation and Change ( which I thought would be interesting for you because:

  1. they are based in Central Mexico (and offer most things bilingually)
  2. the CEO is a brilliant woman in her 70s who is just starting to really leverage email marketing
  3. they work predominantly with non-profits and NGOs all over the world

So if you’re working internationally, or are concerned that it’s “too late” for you, or if you work B2B (business-to-business) rather than B2C (business-to-consumer), then this example might be especially meaningful to you,

This is all part of a twelve-day series taking you “backstage” in the world of email and personal development, and take a look at the business-building methods that some of my best friends and favorite teachers are using, so you can not only benefit from all their fabulous freebies, but you can also start to develop a vision for your own marketing.

I’m getting underneath the hype and examine each teacher’s:

  • unique style
  • smart strategy
  • ideas you could borrow for yourself

So you can discover what’s going on behind the curtain.

My hope is that this will make you both a smarter consumer and a better entrepreneur.

(Because – like it or not – all creative people are entrepreneurs in one way or another, yes?)

So let’s look at the way that one of the my all-time favorite people is rocking her business:

Beatrice Briggs of the International Institute for Facilitation and Change

First of all – she’s my MOM!!


My mom lives in an intentional community in Central Mexico and she travels the world teaching non-profits, NGOs and for-profit businesses how to have more effective meetings. And she’s in her 70s, whip-smart and fit as a fiddle. Is your mom that cool? Nope. No way.

When it comes to moms, I win : )

Beatrice’s Unique Style

Working with people around “bad meetings” can be challenging, because no one really thinks that their organization can change. People are willing to tolerate bad meetings – its a chronic, low-level pain. So part of Beatrice’s job is to give people helpful tips to improve their meetings and point out to them that with a little bit of training, they could save themselves hours of time while building a more effective team.

Really, she’s teaching leadership and communication skills.

Which means that – deep down – she’s changing lives.

Beatrice is smart, straight-forward and elegant. She is an American who speaks excellent Spanish, which sometimes confuses people, and she loves to dive into complicated problems.

She also loves to write, which has led to her latest ebook: No More Boring Meetings: 21 Practical Strategies for Leaders and Teams


—–> CLICK HERE TO GET HER FREE EBOOK and discover how to make your meetings better

Beatrice’s Smart Strategy

Beatrice collected some of her best articles from her blog and edited them into an ebook filled with helpful advice and action steps. This is a generous “give” to her audience, and a great way to introduce people to her work.

Since Beatrice offers customized solutions and trainings, the Call to Action is to schedule a strategy call with her, during which she can better assess each potential clients’ needs.

—–> Check Out “No More Boring Meetings” ebook


Idea You Could Borrow for Yourself

First of all, I love it that mom was able to re-purpose a bunch of her newsletter articles and turn them into a valuable ebook. There’s a high “perceived value” in an ebook that’s that substantial, and it should speak loudly to her ideal client.

What do you have already completed that you could turn into a lead magnet?

Secondly, I’m so proud of Beatrice for jumping in to the world of email marketing and learning about how to succeed in this new world. YAY MOM!

What new skill are you willing to learn in order to increase your chances of success?


Let me know what you come up with, OK?




P.S. Last night Justin Lofton and I did a VALUE-PACKED free training on the REAL DEAL with Facebook Ads and how to use them effectively to grow your business – you can check out the recording here:

P.P.S. I am proud to be a friend, colleague, student, Big Fan, affiliate and daughter : ) for many of the teachers, writers and healers I’m discussing in this email series. I trust that you will trust your intuition, do your own research and only get involved in things that are right for you. Good? Good. Thanks. – S.

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