Honey, it is time to move your work to a bigger venue. Today, if possible.

I know it doesn’t feel ready and I know you’re not sure how and I know the new website isn’t up yet and you haven’t lost the weight and your not sure if your skills are what they should be and there are those changes that you know really need to be done before anyone sees it and..and…and…

I get it.

Me, too.

But seriously – we are in no position to judge our own work. And we’re certainly in no position to judge the work that’s been sitting there pawing at the front door waiting to go out for heaven-knows-how-long.

So take a chance. Publish it. Send it out. Post a picture of it. Share it. Make a one-minute movie of it.

Just get it out there so that we have a chance to enjoy it, too.

Because perhaps the most important part of art is what the audience brings to the piece, and if you don’t share it, we can’t experience it.

And let me know how it goes for you, OK?

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