My Heroes

Confused about personal branding? Not sure how to describe you or your work in a way that doesn’t feel weird?

You’re not alone. Personal branding is complicated for everyone.

The problem in creating a personal brand is that we are on the inside of our own heads, having an interior experience of ourselves. We have never been on the receiving end of our own energy. We have never flirted with us. We have never seen us from the side, or from across the room.

At the same time, everyone else on the planet is having an exterior experience of us. They don’t share our perspective and they can’t hear the voices in our heads : )

So we need to come up with a vocabulary that describes us truthfully. One that captures both our internal experience of ourselves as well as everyone else’s exterior experience of us.

Luckily, we can do that pretty quickly, because you’ve been being you for some time now. We just have to find the right words.

Experiment with this quick 20-minute video. I bet you’ll be delighted with what you discover. Leave a comment and let me know, OK?

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