“This has been terrific! So much info…I know I will want to review. Thank you so much Sam and Jessica!” – C.J., Oregon
 “Thank you! That was amazing.” – Linda
 “Very useful….” – S.S.

Everybody LOVED this totally free, nothing-to-buy-here call with me & my faboo lawyer, Jessica Olmon from Vero Law Group.

Listen or download this great conversation here:

As promised, Jessica and I kept it real and used only normal language — so there’s lots of wisdom without any off-putting, overwhelming technical stuff.

Mostly we talked about:

– Trademarks
– Copyrights
– Plagiarism
– Non-Disclosure Agreements
– Contracts

We certainly weren’t able to answer all of the questions we got, but we were able to address a number of the biggest concerns, so give this a listen as soon as you can, OK?

We want a world that is safe and prosperous for creatives — so we offered this training because we love you and want you to be better informed.

If you want to join Jessica’s email list, you can do so at: www.VeroLawGroup.com.


—–> Go HERE to listen/download this valuable, plain-talk legal info for creatives: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=63796728

Here’s to your THRIVING new year!!

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