We all have projects that we know would make an enormous difference in our lives.

Good projects.
Important projects.
World-changing projects.

And they’re just sitting there, staring at us.

The good news is that you’re still thinking about it, which means you have DESIRE.

So just for a minute, quit beating yourself up about how or what you should have done by now. (Can you? Just for a minute?) Now, let’s tap in to the energy that’s inside that desire.

Take a deep breath and really feel the sweet yearning for your Great Idea rising up from your belly. Allow the JOY of your Great Idea to fill your heart and spirit. Focusing only on the yummy-ness of it, let your Great Idea be reborn in your mind, fresh and new, without any judgment or recrimination.

Stay in that joyful feeling for just another moment, and see if a little, tiny action-item occurs to you. Is there a little idea that just floats into your head? A little beginning? If not, that’s OK – now might not be the right time – so just relish that Great Idea of yours and move on with your day.

But you might let the divine energy that is contained within your desire inspire you to take one, eensy-tiny only-15 minutes action around your Great Idea.

And let me know how it goes, OK?