Receive $1000 this week?

Receive $1000 this week?

In the past 6 days, the members of the Creative Genius, CEO program have:

  • sold their FIRST EVER ebook
  • sold $500 program via new website
  • opened a real business bank account
  • held first live event and made a profit!!!
  • recovered elegantly from a BIG disappointment
  • doubled September sales goal (since realizing they were “playing too small”)
  • faltered, rested, then rallied


Since their homework last week was to each receive $1000 (yes, they got coaching from me on how to do that : ) they have collectively received over $15,000 in cash, gifts, investments, expanded credit and sales.

Yes – over $15,000 – in less than one week.

Here’s their secret:

  1. They made a commitment to themselves.
  2. They got good advice.
  3. They took action.
  4. They leaned on the community for strength.

So….what goal would YOU like to make happen this week?

Whatever your goal may be, your first step is to make the commitment.

Real, non-negotiable commitment.

(How does it feel to think about making a big promise to yourself – and then keeping it? No matter what. No excuses allowed.)

I know you can do it.

So let me know how it goes for you, OK?


It Is Not Possible…

It Is Not Possible…

It is not possible to lose 30 pounds.
It is not possible to write a book.
It is not possible to clear out all the clutter.

You know why?

Because it is only possible to lose a few ounces a day.

And it is only possible to write a sentence or two — maybe a few pages.

It is only possible to clear a bit of the room at a time.

This may seem like just word play, but stick with me here — because I think this is important for two reasons.

1) The Goal Cannot Be Achieved All At Once

Especially if you have a BIG goal, you may have put off working on it because…well, it just seems too big.

It’s so big that you don’t know where to even start.

It’s so big that you doubt you can complete it.

It’s so big that you question your worthiness, your credibility, your right to even attempt such a thing. (The phrase, “Who do I think I am?” may show up here.)

But when you remember that it is not the BIG goal that needs to be accomplished, but rather just the immediate step that’s right in front of you….

Well, that feels much better, doesn’t it?

(Need a suggestion for what one immediate step might be? Try picking one action that will take less than 15 minutes and is easily within your budget.)

And here’s some even better news:

2) The Goal Is Not a Destination

You may have noticed that sometimes you DO complete a big project, and you end up feeling sort of….deflated.


That post-Christmas let-down feeling.

Because you thought you were done.

You thought that once you achieved your goal you would be complete – and that something would change.

But once you lose 30 pounds, you still have to maintain all the discipline and self-love that got you there.

And once you complete your manuscript, it’s not as though you are done writing.

And even if every bit of clutter gets swept away from your place, it’s only a matter of time until more clutter creeps in.

This is not failure.
This is process.

So you might find it comforting that you are mid-process on just about everything.

That means it’s not too late to take the next step.

It’s not too late to begin again.

It’s not too late to delight the world with your art.

A 2-Minute Treat for You — watch this and play along —

As a special treat, we’ve made you this super-fun 2 minute movie that’s all about how to slay the dragon of your procrastination : )

Just click on the image to watch this delightful little ditty, or go here to watch:

Please share it with your family, friends, kids, colleagues and social media buddies.

There’s nothing to sign up for or register — it’s just a gift designed to stimulate your creativity and have a little fun.

With wishes for a joyful, creative Thanksgiving to all our US friends and a big kiss for everyone else —


The Green-Eyed Monster

The Green-Eyed Monster

It isn’t the prettiest aspect of your personality, but there it is:  jealousy.

Ick. How very seventh-grade of you. But all of us, no matter how far beyond seventh grade we’ve gotten, feel jealous sometimes.

And here’s a news flash: jealousy is a gift.

Jealousy is your gut’s way of telling you that first of all, whatever it is, you want some. And moreover, you believe that you could have it. After all, you are never jealous of those who have things you don’t want.

Imagine that your best friend just added an amazing rare frog to her rare frog collection. Feel jealous? I didn’t think so.

If you have no interest in frog husbandry, you don’t feel jealous. Mystified, maybe, about why she might want to collect frogs to begin with (in much the same way your family might feel about you and your choice of a career in the arts), but in no way jealous.

Now, if that same friend suddenly lucked into an all-expenses paid six-month artist’s retreat in a villa in Provence, you might feel jealous. Because that, you want.

This is part one of the gift: the simple acknowledgment of desire.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes pretend that I don’t want what I want. I pretend that things are okay with me when they aren’t. I pretend to be patient when I feel impatient. I pretend I don’t mind being passed over when, in fact, I mind very much.

Have you done that? Tried to quiet that “I want” voice? Hurts a bit, no?

The second half of the equation, and perhaps the more important half, is this: you believe you are capable of getting it. You are only ever jealous of things you believe you could do or have yourself.

What if your frog-loving best friend just swam the English Channel? Still not jealous, are you? Of course not, because not only do you not want to do that, but you also don’t think you have the ability.

But if that friend wins an award in something you think you could do, or reaches some milestone you aspire to, or obtains some neat thing that you’re pretty sure you could obtain if only the circumstances were right, then that green-eyed monster light is likely to start flashing.

Exercise : Harnessing the Power of Jealousy

Jealousy is a signal from within about desire and will. Add a little anger (also known by its polite name, frustration) and the recipe is complete.

Again, it’s not pretty, but it is an important message from your inner self — ignore it at your peril.

So the next time you find yourself trying to muzzle that nasty little voice of jealousy, take a moment and ask yourself:

1. Do I want that?

2. Why do I want that? What will getting that thing mean
to me?

3. Do I think I could have it?

4. What do I think is standing in the way of my obtaining that?

5. What fifteen-minute baby steps could I take today toward

See if making a little progress toward your own goals doesn’t turn that jealous-monster voice into a happy-cheering-look-at-me go voice.

Keep making those baby steps toward your goal, and I bet that someday soon someone might just be jealous of you.

The Reason You Procrastinate

Does this question sound familiar?


Dear Sam,
I know what I need to do, I just can’t make myself do it. 
I watch endless YouTube videos, I play computer solitaire, I fool around on Facebook – I even scrub my kitchen floors – all just to avoid the work that I know is my destiny. 
I get so mad at myself. Does this mean I’m chasing a Shadow Goal? What do I do? 
– Elizabeth, N. J. 


Dear Elizabeth,


Rest easy, honey – you are merely suffering from a biological imperative called “displacement activity.”


All Creative Geniuses get this from time to time. 


Displacement activity is what happens when an animal is in the grip of two conflicting instincts, and so they enact a third, seemingly inappropriate behavior.


For example, you’ve probably seen a chimpanzee being challenged by another chimpanzee. When the first chimp doesn’t know whether to run away or fight, he will…scratch his head…yawn…look away….start grooming himself…


When you have the instinct to create, and you simultaneously have the instinct to not-create — 


— the fear says, “don’t do it!”


(And yes, everyone suffers from this fear – celebrities, septuagenarians, kids, career professionals and me – everyone is sometimes afraid of putting their work out there. It’s terrifying.)


And so, confused by the grip of these two equally strong instincts, you shut down and get stuck playing Words With Friends for hours on end.


Sometimes years.


It doesn’t mean you have low self-esteem and it doesn’t mean your dream is impossible and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re lazy.


Shoot, you’re one of the hardest-working people I know. Right?


So the next time this happens, just recognize the dynamic without yelling at yourself.


“Ah,” you might say to yourself, “I appear to be having the instinct to create something. And I also find myself feeling afraid of what will happen if I create that thing. Perfectly natural.


But my fear does not get to make my decisions for me. 


So I will now set my kitchen timer for 15 minutes and just play around with my creative idea in a light, fun, beta-testing sort of a way and then see what happens.”


Discover more about what keeps us stuck in my free, on-demand, downloadable webinar called Shadow Goals — 


“Wow, Sam, I loved this! I’ve gone from feeling kinda blah and unsure to wanting to jump up and start. That’s pretty big for me, and I really want to thank you for that. I think a lot of people will find this incredibly helpful!” – K.
“Thank you SO much for your time, Samantha! This has been inspirational and hopeful for me….you’ve already given me some tools to use to move forward! Blessings to you!” – Deborah


“This call is invaluable so far to me. I’m being made redundant on the 1st of march and am in the middle of trying to choose what to do next and I think everything you’re saying is going to help me with this.” – Suzie, U.K.

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