Intuition Finds Lost Diamond Earrings

Intuition Finds Lost Diamond Earrings

I had to share this THRILLING email from one of the participants in the Start Right Where You Are course —-

“If you had been in the room yesterday when I went to the most unlikely place in the house and pulled out the jeweler’s pouch with the long-lost diamond earrings, you would have heard screams of joy and excitement that have never before come out of a classy 85-year old’s mouth!

[My friend] Gloria had asked me last Friday if I could “logically and systematically” go through all of her jewelry boxes, elegant purses and designer jackets to see if her lost earrings could be found.

I wrote the exercises from Start Right Where You Are Lesson #2 right before I went to her house.

After we had spent time checking the logical places diamond earrings could be lost, I remembered your definition of Intuition as Cognition without Knowing…no documented or logical evidence and I got inspired to follow my “gut.”

I walked to a very public place in her house and noticed a one-foot tall Chinese wedding basket and started to walk away because

“logically, who would hide very expensive, large and valuable diamond earrings in the middle of a well traveled area?”

Then I remembered your definition and went to the Chinese basket and opened the top and it looked empty, however, I followed my intuition and swept my hand around the dark circle of the basket and found a small jeweler’s leather bag and brought it to Gloria.

As she opened it and discovered her treasure she was ecstatic and said, “You’re a Genius! How did you know to look there?” and I shared my Sam Bennett homework with her and let her listen to part of your call to hear your strong belief in Intuition.

She was so happy, she gave me a brand new necklace that we had found from India when we were looking in the “logical” places earlier.

Today she called me from her new home in Rancho Mirage and said,

“I am telling everyone this story and I am going to follow Sam’s list and get rid of my “Intuition Killers!”

I felt so alive when it happened and wanted to let you know how powerful your work is to get us back in touch with our Being…..

Joyous in Long Beach,
Ashley Waugh, an even bigger fan

And when I asked Ashley if I could share her story with you, she graciously agreed and added —

“I would love to be a small part of anyone falling in love with their intuition again…..”

So…what can you do follow to YOUR intuition today?

Let me know — you know I love to hear from you.


Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready Syndrome

Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready Syndrome

The symptoms of Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready syndrome include feeling like you can’t possibly move forward until you lose ten pounds, get a degree, receive permission, know the right people, have enough money, get more experience, pay your dues, or obtain the right equipment.

The trick to defeating Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready syndrome is doing fifteen minutes of research. (And yes, this can be one of your fifteen-minute daily tasks.)

If you assume that you need to do something before you can do the thing you really want to do, please check that assumption — especially if the source of your information is your own mind. Google it, ask around, and, most important, ask someone who’s already done the thing you really want to do.

Chances are good that you’re over-complicating things.

There was the photographer who was convinced she couldn’t market herself until she had digitally optimized all her photos for her website, which would have meant weeks if not months of painstaking work. I asked her if she had one photo that she thought of as iconic, and when she said yes, I urged her to place just that one on her site. She was up and running twenty minutes later.

Lara was a highly intuitive performer who was feeling a pull toward embarking on a second career as a life coach, but she was feeling discouraged by the two years and several thousand dollars that certification would take.

Now, I admire and respect the people who’ve gone through coach certification, but it is not a prerequisite to being of great service to people.

When I pointed out that she already knew enough to at least get started with a few clients, she brightened right up.

Last I heard, she was running high-end retreats once a month in Beverly Hills — further proof that if you can deliver outstanding results, nobody really cares about your credentials.

And finally, there are the countless men and women who’ve told me that they can’t possibly get started on X, Y, or Z until they lose weight.

Honey, your destiny doesn’t care how much you weigh.

You can find a lover, sell your art, star in your show, and earn your fortune with the body you have right now. And it’s entirely possible that you will become so busy and happy working on your project that your body will self-adjust and become closer to your version of perfect.

After all, there’s nothing like joy to create health.

Does It Have to Be You?

Does It Have to Be You?


1. Write down all the activities that you typically do in a day, such as:

drive in the car pool
do laundry
pay bills
make phone calls
work out
get the mail
work with clients
play with the kids
plan upcoming travel
coordinate volunteers for charity event
go to the grocery store
cook supper
watch TV

2. Now put an asterisk next to the tasks that only you can do.

So the asterisked items might be:

work out
work with clients
play with the kids

3. Find a way to get the un-starred items off your plate.

You may need to hire someone, or you may need to simply ask some of the other grown-ups in your life for help.

Teach the kids to do the laundry, and get a co-chair to work with the volunteers.

Yes, you will have to get over some of your perfectionism — nobody else is going to do as good a job cooking dinner or sorting the laundry as you do.

But guess what? You have bigger fish to fry.

Your creative life is never going to take precedence over your everyday life unless you make it happen.

Procrastination Is Genius In Disguise: DESIRE

We all have projects that we know would make an enormous difference in our lives.

Good projects.
Important projects.
World-changing projects.

And they’re just sitting there, staring at us.

The good news is that you’re still thinking about it, which means you have DESIRE.

So just for a minute, quit beating yourself up about how or what you should have done by now. (Can you? Just for a minute?) Now, let’s tap in to the energy that’s inside that desire.

Take a deep breath and really feel the sweet yearning for your Great Idea rising up from your belly. Allow the JOY of your Great Idea to fill your heart and spirit. Focusing only on the yummy-ness of it, let your Great Idea be reborn in your mind, fresh and new, without any judgment or recrimination.

Stay in that joyful feeling for just another moment, and see if a little, tiny action-item occurs to you. Is there a little idea that just floats into your head? A little beginning? If not, that’s OK – now might not be the right time – so just relish that Great Idea of yours and move on with your day.

But you might let the divine energy that is contained within your desire inspire you to take one, eensy-tiny only-15 minutes action around your Great Idea.

And let me know how it goes, OK?