We’re going to look at one of the hottest “freebies” there is and how it’s being used by one of the hottest teachers I know.

Sage Levine of Conscious Women Entrepreneurs

Sage has created a terrific quiz: What type of Workshop Leader are YOU?

——> CLICK HERE to take the quiz & get the results emailed to you

Sage’s Unique Style

Sage is down-to-earth and fun-loving and quite a bit smarter than your average bear. She focuses her work exclusively on women – even her own team is all women – and she truly believes that a feminine approach to leadership and business can not only transform lives, but indeed, the planet.

Sage loves to travel and she loves philanthropy, so she’s structured her business in such a way that she takes several long trips each year. She’s been everywhere from the Amazon to Africa, and I happen to know that she took her entire team to Hawaii this year – isn’t that cool?

As someone who has built a seven-figure business from scratch, Sage really knows her stuff. She’s a great teacher with a strong business philosophy, and she really is working to make the world a better place.

—–> I recommend getting on her list and taking advantage of her multiple freebies (start with the quiz : )

Sage’s Smart Strategy

A quiz is a fantastic way to invite people into your list. Not only are quizzes FUN, but they have the added benefit of allowing you to learn a lot about your prospects.

Quizzes also leverage one of the most powerful tools in marketing: intellectual curiosity. When faced with a compelling question like, “What kind of Workshop Leader are YOU?” even grizzled veterans like me want to know the answer!

Finally, quizzes are cool because they invite immediate engagement. The sooner you can get people INTERACTING with your material (clicking, sharing, commenting, rating, sharing….) the better off you are.

Idea You Could Borrow for Yourself

What ONE piece of information would help you communicate more intelligently with your clients? Could you make a quiz designed to elicit that data?

For example, if you’re a health coach, you might want to know more about your clients’ eating habits, so you could create a quiz called, “What’s Your Diet Downfall? Take this quiz to discover the sneaky nutritional habits that are ruining your waistline!”

Or if you were a visual artist, you could create a quiz called, “Does It Have to Match the Couch? Take this quiz to discover how sophisticated an art-buyer you are!”

Even just playing around with this concept can lead to some juicy ideas, yes?

Let me know what you come up with, OK?

—-> And be sure to check out Sage’s quiz and see what you would do the same, or differently!



P.P.S. I am proud to be a friend, colleague, student, Big Fan and affiliate for many of the teachers, writers and healers I’m discussing in this email series. I trust that you will trust your intuition, do your own research and only get involved in things that are right for you. Good? Good. Thanks. – S.

10 Steps to Email Fabulousness

Here’s the recording of the presentation I gave about email marketing that got me a standing ovation in Phoenix at David Neagle’s elite 7-figure business coaching seminar…so I thought you might enjoy it, too.

Let me know how you like it, OK? Leave a comment below!

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about Infusionsoft, please call my pal Evan Samurin at 480-499-6768 or email him at evan.samurin@infusionsoft.com and tell him I sent you : )

4 of 7: How To Tell If Your Copy Is Really Effective

Discover How To Feel Great Writing About Your Creative Projects and Entrepreneurial Endeavors Online

Hi — This is #4 of 7 days I’m sending out a series of articles about how to do better & feel better about marketing your creative projects and entrepreneurial endeavors – it’s a promo for this fabulous new teleclass called www.WriteRightNowVIP.com that starts this Thursday, May 24th.

So before we get to the article part I want to talk for a sec about the class…

Answer me honesty — would better, more TRUTH-FILLED “sales” copy earn you an additional $100 a month? An additional $500? What if we could create you some materials that would up your income by $1000 in the next eight weeks?

(And I’m not guaranteeing that we can, of course — I’m just inviting you to consider the possibility. Because it IS possible.)

Would you like some personalized assistance from 2 small business creative entrepreneurial experts?

If you have an intuition that the full Write Right Now VIP workshop is going to be right for you, then sign up ASAP and you can save yourself a PILE OF MONEY before the price goes up tomorrow. (Like $500…) so take a look: http://writerightnowvip.com/info/

“These articles are AMAZING.” – M.W.

Wes & I are happy to provide as much free help as we can AND I really want to urge you to consider enrolling in the Write Right Now VIP workshop so you can get the BEST INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS from us personally and one-on-one.

We offer “satisfaction guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded.” That’s how confident we are that you will benefit enormously from this course.

OK — so here’s #4 of the “7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money & Keeping You From The Success You Deserve” article as derived from the free on-demand webinar that Wes Schaeffer & I did the other day —

—–> Did you miss it? Watch or download the free on-demand webinar here
(or paste this link into your browser window: http://bit.ly/WRNVIP2)

And, FYI, here are all “7 Copy Writing Mistakes…” topics:

1 of 7: I don’t want to feel sales-y…(read this one here)
2 of 7: I’m too wordy… (read this one here)
3 of 7: How to get started & how to find the time to keep going (read this one here)
4 of 7: What’s REALLY effective copy writing & how do you know?
5 of 7: Beat perfectionism once and for all
6 of 7: How to discover what’s really going to be compelling for your audience
7 of 7: What to do if you feel constrained by having to write for SEO, academic writing, your boss…

How To Know If Your Copy Is Really Effective

“I know half of my advertising dollars are being wasted…I only wish I knew which half.”
– John Wanamaker, Founder of Wanamaker’s Department Stores; now Macy’s

One of the great truisms of “traditional” advertising is that no one is really sure if it works or not.

And one of the advantages to being a small, nimble entrepreneur in the age of Internet advertising is that you can test all kinds of different strategies quite inexpensively.

Even better, you can see & measure your results instantly.

But only if you know what you are measuring and why.

So…What’s My “Bounce Rate” Anyway?

We’ll get more into this during the Write Right Now VIP workshop, but just for starters, let’s talk about GOOGLE.

You know that Google determines where you show up in their search engine results, but do you know how them make that determination?


Neither does anybody else.

Not really, anyway. It’s an ever-changing algorithm that they keep top secret.

But we can create our own metrics by looking at is the following data from your website:

Bounce Rate
Number of Pages Viewed
Time on Page

And you should be looking at those numbers, too. Let’s talk about what they mean.

(And if you don’t have Google Analytics on every page of your website, do that now: http://www.google.com/analytics/. And I keep track of my metrics & got this info using Craig Jacobson’s www.JuicedMetrics.com. That’s not an affiliate link, BTW…I just dig his stuff)

Bounce Rate – You Want It To Be Under 70%
That’s Google measuring how many people click over to your site and then immediately click away. They assume that if you have good content, people won’t instantly “bounce” away.

Number of Pages Viewed – 2.5 Is Good
More is better, of course. That’s why you’ll often see blog posts that say, “read more” and take you to another page. That counts as an additional page view.

Time on Page – More Than 2 Minutes Is Good
Again, longer is better. Video is great for getting people to stick around, as are juicy blog posts.

Now PAY ATTENTION because this is the important part…

Here is the simple secret to GREAT content creation:
Content = What You Wish Someone Had Told You Ten Years Ago.
That’s it.

If you write an article a week explaining some aspect of your work that you wish you had known about 5 or 10 years ago, you will be AUTOMATICALLY creating content that is SEO-friendly.

SEO = The Questions Your People Are Asking (Typing Into Google) Right Now

So let’s put this all together:

– if your Bounce Rate is high then your SEO might be off (in other words, people aren’t finding what they expect to find when they come to your site.)

– if your Time on Page is low, you might need to create “stickier” content.

– if your Number of Pages Viewed is low, you might need to improve your Site Navigation by making it clearer where they should click and why.

Make sense? Good. Now go write something.

P.S. Of course this all varies wildly from person to person and from industry to industry, which is why Wes & I offer a PRIVATE, one-on-one session with each of us to every Write Right Now VIP workshop participant.

Want more? Here’s how to get more…

You deserve to have your business be financially sustainable, values-driven and joyful. Not easy, mind you – but joyful.

And improving your copy writing is the NUMBER ONE key to your success.


I’ve partnered up with my good friend Wes Schaeffer from www.TheSalesWhisperer.com – he’s an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant & he’s a full-on, small-business genius with a GREAT sense of humor – everyone says we make a great team : )

So you’re invited to check out our Free Preview Event – called “7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money”

—–> Watch or download the free on-demand webinar here
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It’s for creative entrepreneurs, frustrated small business people…

and YOU if you know that if only your…

– web pages

– bios (don’t you HATE writing Bios? We’ll show you the EASY way!)

– blog posts

– product descriptions

– social media posts (what are you supposed to say on Twitter? Really?)

– press releases

– emails (like this one!)

…were more authentic & more compelling, then you could SELL MORE STUFF, which would mean you would be helping more people! (Which is why we do all this, right?)

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

– You want to promote your business…but you get tongue-tied when people ask you what you do.

– You would love to Blog and Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest & whatever… but you’re not really sure what to say.

– You know your web pages are old & boring…but the idea of redoing it all makes you want to go lay down.

– You’re a creative entrepreneur who’s over-worked.

– You’ve got 37 ideas, a bunch of new projects and plus there’s your actual business…and then there’s the family and the kids and… good heavens, you don’t have the TIME to write new copy!

– You’re ready for financial success and you don’t have time to screw around. You need real answers from experts who really GET IT.

– You are ready to learn a NEW way to write copy that’s easy, fun and…wait for it…. PROFITABLE.

Then this event is for you!

Here’s what people said about it:

so down to earth, and so real, and are SO encouraging!” – D.D., California

“That was very helpful! Thanks, you two 🙂 ” – R.P., Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoy your laser sharp humor as well as succinct comments and great insights. Always inspirational and instructive.” – C. D., Washington

“7 Copy Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You Money”

—–> Watch or download the free on-demand webinar here
(or paste this link into your browser window: http://bit.ly/WRNVIP2)

You can listen online AND you can download the MP3.

I’ve been in the trenches & learned a lot about small business marketing in the past bunch of years and I’m thrilled to have this chance to share my insights with you.


But if they never hear about it, they can’t benefit from it, right?


And please let me know how things are going with you – you know I love to hear from you!


P.S. And yes, of course this is a preview event for the Write Right Now VIP workshop – but it’s not a pitch-fest – you know I hate that, too. This is TONS of useful content, tailored just for you. In fact, if you want to check out what the Write Right Now VIP workshop is all about, you can go here: http://writerightnowvip.com/info/

If you have an intuition that the full Write Right Now VIP workshop is going to be right for you, then sign up ASAP and you can save yourself a PILE OF MONEY. (Like $500…) so take a look: http://writerightnowvip.com/info/

– SSB.