1 of 7: “How Do I Get People to Show Up?”

1 of 7: “How Do I Get People to Show Up?”

I’ve spent all day emailing out answers the questions that you all submitted in answer to “The question I have about creating a great workshop is…”

And by far the most popular question was: How do I get people to show up? How do I market it?

It’s a great question.

Perhaps THE question.

And…I can’t really answer you.

Because there are different answers depending on your content, target market and personal goals.

It’s some combination of being crystal clear about your ideal client and the transformation they are seeking, and making sure that your title, pricing, images, and marketing materials are consistent with that. But it’s also got to match your personal vibe, and of course the timing and delivery need to be just right.

And, if I can say this without sounding too self-serving: get some support.

Frankly, putting together a workshop that is both meaningful and profitable is both complex and complicated.

Complex, in that it has many moving parts, but most of them can be broken down into steps and accomplished with a bit of good information from a reliable source and old-fashioned elbow grease. That’s the “practical” part that’s fairly easy for me to teach. (And I’m doing 3 “Sam Explains the Technology” bonus calls to walk you through the nitty-gritty stuff about platforms.)

Complicated, in that it involves humans, and all of our wackadoodle human behavior. So we need to harness your imagination, your insights, your intuition and your plain good sense to create something that’s never been done before. That’s the “creative” part that requires a bit of a leap of faith on your part, but is also the most fun.

So it’s a lot of moving parts, and it’s a bit scary and mostly exhilarating and it’s exactly the reason I created the Turn Your Wisdom Into Workshops course that starts next week, and I’d love to work with you.

If it feels good, please check out http://www.turnyourwisdomintoworkshops.com/ and join us for this amazing journey.

P.S. Did you miss “24 Not-Obvious Workshop Mistakes to Avoid (That I Learned the Hard Way)”?
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I certainly hope I can play this over again because I’m getting so many gems I can’t quite take it all in right now. – Sabrina

This has been incredibly valuable. Thank you for this gift. – Gail

Thanks, Sam! This is very helpful for designing my new adventure over the next couple of months. Perfect timing! – Shelley

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Unusual Marketing

Unusual Marketing

Watch the webinar or download the audio below —


Rave reviews — play it now and find out:

1) The reason you think you’re not good at marketing
2) The reason you’re actually BRILLIANT at it
3) The one perspective shift that’s going to change how you think about marketing forever…if you let it.

“Sam, I loved your story about peonies….I love flowers…it’s the first time I felt my resistance to marketing melt”
– Irene, Ontario, Canada

“OMG! New words to use instead of marketing may have just changed my life and we’re not even 10 minutes into the call!”
– Elizabeth, Ohio

“I have always loved your authenticity. It’s why I come back.”
– Robin, Berkeley, CA

“Thank you Sam! Very helpful answer to my questions. Great class as always!”
– Shadi, Toronto

And if you’re wondering if NOW is the right time to invest in your marketing, please schedule a free, no-obligation 15-minute evaluation session to talk about my new Marketing Mastermind Program that starts Jan. 22nd: https://www.timetrade.com/book/WWDYQ

What was YOUR big take-away from this recording?
I’d love to read your comments below…

Happy Happy Happiest of New Years to you —

Unusual Marketing for Creative People

Unusual Marketing for Creative People

Your work is you.

Your creative work is an expression of your soul, of your perspective, of your innermost self. It’s completely unique to you.

So there is no “template” you can follow, because no one has ever done what you’re doing before.

And any time you start to try to adopt someone else’s “six-figure” system, or try to abide by “conventional wisdom” you get all itchy.

And then you procrastinate and you tell yourself all kinds of stories about how no one would ever pay you to do this and how there’s no market for it and how you’re probably not that good at it anyway and how the technology sort of freaks you out and what if you succeed and someone steals your idea or what if someone calls you a fraud and then you start criticizing yourself about your low self-esteem and how you never finish anything and maybe you should just forget this crazy dream of making money from your creativity once and for all.


Like that’s gonna happen.

You can’t give up on your dreams because your dreams never give up on you.

They keep haunting you.
Pulling at your sleeve.

And then you see some no-talent-hack succeed and you think, “I could do that!”

You’re right.

You can.

And maybe 2014 is your year to try.

I’m hosting a brand-new teleclass on Tuesday, Jan. 2 that’s all about Unusual Marketing for Creative People, and it’ll show you —

  • Why you have a hard time talking about yourself and your work
  • How you can easily overcome the self-doubt and shyness that causes you to stumble
  • The ONE SECRET that will unlock the mystery of “marketing” for you for all time… if you let it.
So register for free here —> Unusual Marketing for Creative People

And of course PLEASE tell your friends.

After all, your friends are the coolest people there are, and they need to get their work out there, too, don’t they?

(Doesn’t it just make you crazy when your super-talented friend just won’t even TRY to get their painting, their writing, their healing work, their art, their whatever out there??? Yep. Me too.)

So please either share this blog with them or share this on Facebook, Twitter or Google + — here’s the link for them to register: https://sambennett.leadpages.net/unusual-marketing/

And of course I’ll make sure you get the recording and everything — but register first for free:

Unusual Marketing for Creative People
Tuesday, Jan. 2nd
12:45pm PT/3:45pm ET/9:45pm GMT

The recording will be available immediately after the event.

I can’t wait to help you solve the puzzle of how to get your work out into the world without feeling weird about it!

Remember: The World Needs Your Art.

(But they can’t get it if you never let it out of the house, you know what I mean?)

Any questions/thoughts, please comment — you know I love to hear from you.

Happy New Year.



P.S. What’s the real problem? The real problem is, you’re not selling widgets.

After all, you could talk about somebody else’s stuff all day long, right?

But when it comes to talking about yourself marketing yourself, selling yourself…you get all tongue-tied and squeaky.

Not to worry — there is a SIMPLE secret to solving this puzzle and I can’t wait to share it with you.

– ssb.

10 Steps to Email Fabulousness

Here’s the recording of the presentation I gave about email marketing that got me a standing ovation in Phoenix at David Neagle’s elite 7-figure business coaching seminar…so I thought you might enjoy it, too.

Let me know how you like it, OK? Leave a comment below!

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