Mermaid Money

Mermaid Money

I always have a few small pieces of sea glass in my wallet: it’s my “mermaid money.”

Because, you know — mermaids don’t take cash.

Every time I look in my wallet I am reminded of the true treasures in the world: the beauty that’s all around us, the ability to create whimsy and magic, and the ephemeral nature of life.

What do you use to keep your eyes on the big picture?

Do you feel whimsy and beauty and magic around your ability to create cash?

Stress is what happens when we lose track of the big picture.

Is this your $400?

Did you see this report from the Federal Reserve last week?

46% of American adults say they would not be able to cover a $400 emergency expense.

That means most people are leading a veryfinancially precarious life.

And I get it — because that was me, too.

I used to deliver flowers and answer phones and produce radio dramas and teach improv while I was also going to auditions, working on shows and helping to run my theatre company.

I was exhausted and broke pretty much all the time, and every $400 meant the world to me.

But then I figured out HOW, as a creative person, I never needed to struggle with income.

See, we – the creatives of the world – have the magical ability to MAKE THINGS.

You have talents and skills that most people can’t even dream of.

(In fact, that’s sometimes your problem – you’re good at too many things and you can’t decide and you’re easily bored. Me, too. : )

Like my fellow Chicagoans, The Blues Brothers, I am on a MISSION FROM GOD to make sure that creative people have the ways and means to create whatever income they want whenever they need it.

Want a few extra bucks to buy a celebratory bottle of something and splurge on the good olives? Done.

Craving a trip to a far away land and need a few grand for the airfare? No problem.

Want to change your living situation, get a newer car or go back to school? Easy.

I’m going to give you all the tools, strategies, support and insights you need to make true financial freedom happen at The Big Yes:How To Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-Doubt and Make $10,000 (or More!) from Your Creativity.

And to make it sweeter, I’m giving you $400 OFF the ticket price.

That’s a 50% savings!

Plus you can bring a friend for free.

The Big Yes: How To Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-Doubt and Make $10,000 (or More!) from Your Creativity

July 22-24, 2016
Beautiful Los Angeles, CA
use promo code: “HALF” (caSe senSiTive) to save $400 – that’s 50% off!

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1) Buy now and you still have the freedom to change your mind.
I know you may be worried about committing yourself. Not to worry – you can cancel anytime before June 15th and we’ll refund everything (minus a 10% admin fee). That’s fair, right

2) You ARE ready.
Even if you’re not quite sure what your path may be, The Big Yes will give you the divine inspiration & practical tools you need.Here’s what some of last year’s Big Yes’ers have accomplished in just the last 8 months:
  • produced CD
  • published book
  • doubled sales
  • lost 50 lbs (without even trying!)
  • booked speaking engagements
  • assembled a great staff/team
  • sold out 2 retreats in Italy

This is not ordinary goal-setting — because you are not an ordinary person. I’ve got some amazing ways to get you LIT UP and FOCUSED in a whole new way. Guaranteed.

3) The food is super-good.
(Seriously. Good food matters.) The food at the Westin LAX is so good, it’s a big part of the reason we’re returning there this year.

4) Even if you’re gluten-free, dairy-free and  only eat dark chocolate on Tuesdays, you will be able to eat.
If you opt for the Easy Breezy Meal Upgrade (and we really recommend you do, because it’s so convenient to just waltz out of the conference room into the dining room, plus you get to make friends with the other people, plus Sam does some extra teaching stuff sometimes : ) we can accommodate any and all dietary preferences and restrictions.

5) The hotel is super-nice.
The Westin LAX is lovely, and, as it’s name suggests, it is right near the airport and there’s a free shuttle. It is also pretty near some great LA neighborhoods like Venice, Santa Monica and the beach. The staff is especially kind and attentive.

6) We have SO much fun!
Need proof? Please check out the video — make sure you see the special appearance by the monster! heehee.

7) Is it a big pitch-fest?
Nope. There will be a few things for sale at this event, but it’s all cool stuff. And there will be absolutely zero high-pressure sales pitches, because that kind of thing makes me break out into hives.

8) You can bring a friend FOR FREE.
Just put down a $99 deposit so we know to save a chair and we’ll return that money to you at registration. It’s so great to share this work with a trusted friend, partner or team member. (You can even bring MULTIPLE friends if you want…)

9) You guys — it’s ME! Your old pal Sam.
You know about my background in theatre and comedy, and about my award-winning marketing skills and how I’m an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and Reseller, and about the Get It Done Book and about the NEW book that’s coming out in the fall and how I got them to DOUBLE my advance….You know I’ve got tons of great stories and jokes and that I’ll make sure you get what you need.

10) We got a GUARANTEED LOWEST RATE at the hotel. (No Internet rate will be cheaper. You get the best deal possible.)
Once you get your ticket, you’ll be able to book your room at the Westin LAX at a rock-bottom rate with our event code. No worries.

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Use promo code: “HALF” (caSe senSiTive) to save $400.

I never want $400 – or any amount of money – to stand between you and your best life ever again.


P.S. I’m THRILLED by how quickly the tickets are flying out the door for The Big Yes. We’re for sure going to sell out this year. I guess since this is our 4th year, the word is getting out about how exceptional the teaching, coaching and breakthroughs are….and you know I’d love to see you there. – S.

Kindness makes me money every single day

Kindness makes me money every single day

Does that sentence confuse you?

I think some people think that if money is involved, kindness isn’t.

But that’s not true.

Give these 5 statements and quick read and see how many of them are true for you:

  1. I would rather shop where the staff makes me feel welcome.
  2. I am loyal to my hair stylist, housekeeper, improv teacher, shoe repair guy and other service providers, partly because they are such kind people.
  3. I love to refer my kindhearted friends to kindhearted service providers.
  4. I love it when a shopkeeper greets me by name, and when the server brings me water with no ice because he remembers that’s how I like it.
  5. I like it when businesses send me special coupons for being a good customer, or for my birthday. 

Right? Me, too. Good.

Now — let’s revisit these with this question in mind:

If you are a small business owner, how many of those “kindness strategies” are you putting into action?

1) I would rather shop where the staff makes me feel welcome.
Do you have a way to greet new people and make them feel seen, heard and welcomed? (This is important in a bricks-and-mortar location, of course, but it is also important in your website, your emails and your social media interactions.)

2) I am loyal to my hair stylist, housekeeper, improv teacher, shoe repair guy and other service providers, partly because they are such kind people.
Do you have a way to guarantee that all of your interactions with your clients – as well as those of your staff and team – are grounded in kindness? Do you have templates? A process? Clear guidelines for client interaction?

3) I love to refer my kindhearted friends to kindhearted service providers.
Do you have a way to collect referrals from satisfied clients? Do you have a way to follow up with those referrals so they don’t slip through the cracks?

4) I love it when a shopkeeper greets me by name, and when the server brings me water with no ice because he remembers that’s how I like it.
Do you have a way to keep track of your clients’ preferences and interests? Do you have a way to let them know that they are not just a faceless number, but rather a valued member of your community?

5) I like it when businesses send me a special coupons for being a good customer, or for my birthday.
Do you reward the loyalty of your longtime customers by offering them a special something every once in a while?I think you would love to be able to put your kindness into action in this way.And I bet it would make you a bunch of cabbage, too.So…if we took a day to create a customized, personalized plan designed especially for you and your business, complete with built-in “work time” so you actually got the thing done — I know that you could EASILY start to bring in an extra $2000/month or more.(Not with the “kindness strategy” alone, of course — that’s just an example 🙂


One-Day Online Intensive with Sam Bennett

Sunday May 22 @ 10am – 5pm Pacific Time
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You will actually GET THE WORK DONE as class includes both teaching time and implementation time.

Discover how to:
– Patch the Holes In Your Profit Bucket
– Double Your Sales the Easy Way
– Break Through Your Invisible Income Ceiling
– Pay Yourself First (for real – not just in theory)
– Discover How YOUR Values Can Super-Charge Your Business

Plus you get:
1) One private follow-up session
2) One group follow-up session
3) A FREE ticket to “The Big Yes: How To Overcome Procrastination, Perfectionism and Self-Doubt and Make $10,000 (or More!) from Your Creativity” ($799 value), July 22-24 at the Westin LAX in Los Angeles, CA.

Go fill out the application questionnaire, even if you know that you do NOT want to do this workshop, simply because answering the questions will be illuminating for you.

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And here is a new PDF I made for you of The Organized Artist Company’s values in case you want to use it to inspire your own work.

Just click on the image or go to this link to download: 

OrgArtCo Values

You know that an extra 2000/month would make a difference to you.You know that I can give you the tools you need to do it.

You do not have to decide right now if this workshop is right for you —

Just fill out the application questionnaire now, and see what happens next:


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There’s no shortage of money. Ever.

There’s no shortage of money. Ever.

There is plenty of money in the world.

There are lots and lots of people spending lots and lots of money on all kinds of things all the time.

It may not be in your wallet right this second, but it’s out there and it’s not that hard to get.

Notice how the perspective, “There’s plenty of money” is relaxing.

When you are relaxed, you are calmer, more creative and better at seeing solutions.

On the other hand, notice how the perspective, “There’s not enough” causes tension, retraction and anxiety.

That’s not good for business.

In this and in all things, stick with the perspective that causes you to be more relaxed, productive and prosperous.

The Real Reason You’re Not Making Money From Your Creativity (it’s not what you think)

The Real Reason You’re Not Making Money From Your Creativity (it’s not what you think)

You are…not like the others, are you?

You have always been kind of special.

And sometimes it’s been great to be you, and sometimes it’s been terribly lonely.

But you have survived.

And now you might feel ready to share your gifts with the world.

You could use an extra $100 or $1000 or $10,000 and you know in your heart of hearts that the world really does need your art.

(if you already know where this is going and you just want to register for my new free webinar, click here:

If only…you could figure out how.

If only…you knew where to find the people who would buy it.

If only…it didn’t feel so horribly uncomfortable to market your self and your work and ask for money and deal with all that sales stuff.

And maybe you’ve even signed up for other courses or bought books or listened to audios on how to have your own business, but somehow…they weren’t really talking to you.

You started thinking that maybe you needed to be someone different in order to succeed.

Yep. I’ve been there.

And I am here to tell you — listen closely now — you can succeed right now.

Exactly as you are.

With nothing extra, no special tools, nothing to buy or learn or get certified for.

You don’t even need to be ready.

(if you’re feelng the WOW YES vibe, just go ahead and register for this new free webinar —> click here : )

I have built a multi-six figure business doing things that everyone told me wouldn’t work. I use art and poetry and humor and my own wackadoodle personality to attract the world’s most wonderful clients. And now many of them are out in the world making money and spreading joy, too.

We are lighthouses.

And I want you to be a lighthouse, too.

Here’s what some of my other lighthouses have written to me lately (BTW, I’ve been speaking at the ICON14 conference all week in Phoenix and I haven’t had a chance to ask them for permission to use their quotes, which is why I’ve only listed their initials – thanks for understanding.)



“I AM really stepping into a leadership, teaching and healing role in a larger way than I have before.” – R.F., Healer

“I get it now: I really can live the life of my dreams.” – P.N., Painter

“Your words set me free.” – E.B., writer



So register now for my new, free, interactive webinar:

The REAL Reason You’re Not Making Good Money from Your Creativity
(it’s not what you think)
Sunday, May 4th

5pm PT/8pm ET/1am GMT

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No matter what’s got you feeling trapped, this eye-opening live webinar will show you EXACTLY how to break free of your old patterns, cut through your mental clutter and revitalize your creative life.

Plus I’ll show you….

– the two things you need to succeed big time that you ALREADY HAVE right now
– WHY you’re ready to move past old blocks now (once and for all)
– exactly HOW to get past your shyness and “put on the rock star coat” so that you can better serve the world

“I appreciate that your teleseminars aren’t drawn-out commercials. They have valuable content, and that led me to trust you and purchase from you.” -N.S., musician, CA

—–> Click here to register now

And I bet you can think of at least one friend who would LOVE this info – please forward this to them right now, OK?

Or use the buttons on the side to share it.

Thank you. And I look forward to being with you live on Sunday, May 4th.